Monday, February 20, 2006

Just one of those days

It is what a Monday is loathed for being. A day when you drag your ass out of bed and little seems to go your way. A least without a lot of friction.

My Monday was not normal (well of course it wasn't Sherlock, or you wouldn't be talking about it! See how good it was, I am talking to myself again). It started by taking the truck into the shop to get the brakes done and find out why my 'check engine' light is on. It would end up being that my front brakes were most likely partially on for a number of weeks as the calipers were shot. Nice. And the 'check engine' light was because of my thermostat. Not a big deal over all. Just a shot to the wallet.

I had a project I needed to get finished so my boss could present it to her boss and hopefully get some changes made but most likely no changes will be made. Got that? I had to add a bunch of minor details which meant a shitload of quick research. Got it done. Not a big deal.

No, what made my Monday was dealing with my assistant. She whines that she wants more hours but we wonder if she is working effectively while she is there. Part of my evaluation is whether to give her more hours, or cut the fishing line and hire someone new that we will give the hours to but they would need to do more of the work I am. I like my assistant. She does a good job most of the time. My conclusion was leaning toward giving her some more hours.

Today that changed. All over one process. I met with her first thing this morning to suggest we try something different. I had proposed this to my boss on Friday and she was totally behind it. Even told me a nice way to present it. So I went down that path. I had barely said how we would like to do something when she was rolling her eyes and hemming and hawing. Instead of continuing I stopped in my tracks and asked what the problem was. "Blah, blah, blah. I have been doing this for 5 years and know what I am doing". Ok, have you looked at how to improve the process? Much has changed over 5 years. I think it can be done better. So does my boss. Are we wrong?

For the rest of the day, she sat there in a huff. In the meeting we had with my boss, she was scowling, sitting there with pursed lips, unable to even look at me. I knew this was going to happen. She hates change. She cannot handle change. I had prepared for a reaction like this.

But not of this magnitude. She was acting like a 5 year old kid who wasn't allowed to watch a TV show. She even made me write out the exact process we wanted her to follow. Now people, this isn't something we should have to write out. It was a tweaking of the system she is using. But she needed it written out. She even went further to complain that the procedures literally did not say to "pick up the stapler". I am dead serious. She wrote that in and wanted me to initial it.

And she wants more hours? Oh, she may get all the hours she wants. Just not in the position she is in now. I can give an opinion on whether she should be on or not. Not the final word but one that carries some weight. If this bullshit continues tomorrow, something may go down.


J. Gambino said...

Give her all the hours she wants, pounding the pavement.

Erik said...

She is teaching you a lesson...
the lesson is about respect and
she has none for you if that is the way she acts when asked to comply with the new initiative.

Are you buddies? or on equal ground? no she is a subordinate and as long as you treat her politely and with respect she should be able to do the same.

Whether she chooses to aknowledge it or not you are on punishment for making her life difficult. she takes it personal that her way was considered inefficient and not given any say in the new process,so now you have to go through the same pain/humiliation by being given stupid things to do and the bad attitude that is irritating you is a way to cause conflict.she will do this to remain unnaprochable until she is ready to resolve the issue or you give in/back off.