Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Ladies, you are on the clock

Now that the nonsense that is V D is done, and we do not have to hear stupid commercials from jewelers for the next 9 months, we can all prepare for the next major holiday coming up. Nope, not talking about President's Day. Not St. Patrick's Day. A man's holiday.

Steak and Blowjob day is less than a month away now. Thanks to BadBlood for reminding us about this important day. I suggest you ladies visit the local butcher now.

Speaking of butchers, I watched a special on the St. Valentine's Day Massacre last night on the History Channel. Very interesting. Kinda felt like my poker game earlier in the night. There was a massacre there too. Somehow being gunned down would have been less painful.

As I type, there are two maintenance men installing a sign showing the emergency exit plan. I asked if it simply pointed to the windows and said "Jump!". I am on the top floor of the building. It would be easier to jump than try to hit the stairs. Plus, it is only 3 stories. I could easily Indiana Jones my way out of her as it would truly be like sliding down the side of a building most of the way with a 1 story fall. Maybe I will bring in a hammer just in case of emergency. Also, being the smart ass that I am, I asked why it said "Use Stair for Exit". Must be one big stair. Shouldn't it "stairs" or "stairway"? It was further noticed the map was upside down. Nice.

I also caught a news item about how the Wisconsin DOT (Dept of Transportation) is losing money to all of the deadbeats that do not renew their license plate. The TV station walked through a mall parking lot and counted 50 expired plates in less than an hour. The carefree attitude of the DOT rep didn't make me any happier. He made it sound like no big deal as they would pay a hefty fine of- get this- $10 for being late. What the hell makes him think these people are going to pay? They found vehicles that were up to 3 years expired and that was from a small sample. Would it be too much to ask the DOT to have some of their own employees walk through lots and have the vehicles ticketed? Hell, pay someone 2 bucks a car and let them go crazy.

Of course there is a law that is trying to be passed that would allow parking checkers ticket and tow vehicles that are illegally parked and are not properly registered. But it has to get past the governor. I can hear it now as he vetoes the measure, screwing the honest, fee paying citizens of Wisconsin. He will be concerned that these people will not be able to get to work and thus pay the fee. Sigh. Like he too thinks they will pay up now.


iamhoff said...

Steak and BJ Day. Outstanding! We must promote this!

Fat Dan said...

of course they will pay the fine How else would they drive around? it isn't like you can drive the car around with expired plates. When they renew them, they will pay.

question is: do you ahve to pay back fees?

Like if it is $20 for registration each year, and I don't register for three years I have saved $60. now I finally get caught, i am forced to pay the fine plus the cost of the next year, so $30. i can save 50% by not registering.


AWE said...

Don't get me started on parking lots, I can feel my road-rage building as I type.