Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Part of me feels like causing some trouble

If I was the revenge type, I would do it. But I am not. I think this chick eventually got what she deserved. Another love-less marriage.

At least that would be the impression I have. A couple years ago I met her. She flirted a lot. Gave me the "we really need to get together" line again and again. We did go out once. But a month later she no showed on me again. Yeah, that was again. She was notorious for doing that. Later that night I had a message saying that is just couldn't work out and we needed to drop it. Funny how I then learned another two months later she was not only pregnant, but was suddenly wearing a wedding ring. It was funnier how that ring would disappear from her finger when I was around.

But that didn't matter. Life goes on and I was over it. Around 1 year or so later, she was back. Pulling the same lines, flirty again. I saw this as a nice freeroll. I was curious to see how far she would take it this time. I knew she was married, yet should could not admit it. So I let her string herself along again.

One thing this girl really liked to do was talk dirty. She was kinda a phone sex fiend. Email too. I guess I knew the right things to say because somehow she got pregnant again a couple months later. I could only chuckle about how I seemed to get her revved up for her hubby. Personally if I were the husband, I would be extremely pissed if I found this stuff out. I wouldn't allow it. That is what broke her first marriage (what I heard).

She had come sniffing around again last month. I was tempted to tango again just to see if I could get her impregnated for a third time without ever having sex with her. But I decided it wasn't worth any time.

But somehow I feel tempted to send her some flowers from an anonymous person just to see what she would do. I could picture her taking them home thinking it was from her husband and then the fireworks could fly. She wouldn't begin to think they were from me so I would be free and clear. But I wouldn't get to see the trouble it would cause so it isn't worth doing.

Today will be just another day in the life. I am quite happy with what I have. It may be nice to have a woman to come home to but it is not a major priority in my life. For me, it will happen when it happens. I have some friends who just had to get married. It was funny how they each just got out of a relationship and then got engaged within 2 weeks of meeting someone new. It has been great for one, pretty damn shitty for the other. But that just wouldn't work for me. Thus today is just another day.

Maybe tonight I will call on Abbey again. She is willing to get me all fucked again. Just for the boys, here is her picture. Tasty looking wench, isn't she?


AWE said...

I know this one girl that came around our bar, she started dating some of the guys. She would get really serious with one, then the fighting would start, she would say she was done with men for a while, then a week later she was serious again. She is now married, after dating a guy for a month, and it is about time for her to hit the road again. We all know it is coming.

Stay with Abbey, she is always there for you.

Erik said...

Abbey at least gives you good head. ;)

Too bad some gals can't resolve their sexual side with their upbringing. I've seen quite a few gals like that who want to fuck around like crazy, and feel they have to play by the old rules to get it. They tear through boyfriends like they were a case of Lite at a Superbowl party. All they need is a few fuckbuddies to keep them satisfied and with the variety they crave.

Of course, she doesn't sound like a smart one considering she's running around going bareback. Scary.

Huge Junk said...

Men are from Mars and women are retarded.

Thanks for helping cement my view on the average female with your story.

I haven't figured out what I'm drinking tonight, but I'm going to find something delicious to drink while I lose at poker.

iamhoff said...

Abbey sounds like the woman you bring home to meet Mom. And Dad. And all of your friends. And I bet she doesn't bitch when you play poker all the time, too. If only I'd met Abbey sooner.

fredrick said...

You will have to come in and ask what it means anyways happy v-day sweetie