Saturday, February 18, 2006

No I didn't miss one

I drank my beer. In fact, I am staring at the empty glass contemplating licking it to get the rest of the beer goodness out of it.

Yeah, I didn't make a top of the hour post. Al pointed that out.

Still cold out. Still dieing from the big lulls in drinking.

Can't help but wonder at times why the hell I am doing this. I guess the answer is simple.

Why did they climb Mt. Everest? Because it was there.

Maybe I am a man of science. Or someone who just feels like doing stupid things for the hell of it.

L.A. Guns just came on. That prompted one of the stupider things I have said. In the IM with Al, I mentioned that L A Guns was Spanish for the Guns.

Heck, life is short. Live to the fullest. Have the fewest regrets possible. Rock hard!

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djw said...

L.A. GUNS? Wait a minute, let me check. Yes, here it is. Back in 1988 I won a radio call in contest and won an L.A. Guns album(radio/promotional copy only) and two tickets to see them at BILLY'S OLD MILL (March 6th '88). The tickets were not used and the album was never played. Collwector's Items?