Friday, February 03, 2006


I have all kinds of thought swimming around in my head today so let's play a game!

Does the title of this entry refer to:
  1. The stripper whose tuition I paid for last night
  2. The gin splashed with tonic that I consumed in quantity last night
  3. Both!

No, I do not know a stripper named Sapphire. But I did enjoy the Bombay Sapphire last night. Something about this gin that just feels good. Like Maker's Mark, Sapphire relaxes you, puts you in a good mood. And isn't that the purpose of good booze?

Why is it that more people do not enjoy gin? I rather have gin than vodka any day. Gin seems more upscale too. I encourage to go out and enjoy some Sapphire and tonic this weekend. You will not be disappointed.

So as my brain was swimming in gin- and to an extent it still is this morning- last night, I offered a nice prop bet to a friend. Being that he is one of these guys who shaves his head, I offered him $100 to not cut his hair for a year. Others joined in and the pot was up to $500. Part of the bet though was that he would have to grow it out to a nice afro and then have it Jerri curled for the last 2 months. Sadly, he did not go for it.

Speaking of wagers, I like the Seahawks on Sunday. Alexander and the points sounds good to me. Not that I have any money on the game *wink, wink*.

Last night, after the gin was in my belly and we had enjoyed a nice Italian meal and some awesome tiramisu- had to get some alcohol back into the body after pasta- I came up with the official name of my booze soaked muffins. Liquor Muffin. Just say it slowly a couple times if you don't get it. I may have to bring some into the bar and do the taste tests this weekend.

Have yourself a good weekend. Raise a drink to the ones you care about. Spend time with good friends while you can.


Fat Dan said...

I think that in the world of vodka tonic vs. gin tonics cost is an important factor.

I know that I can handle the taste of cheap vodka a lot better than cheap gin.

however, if I am drinking top shelf then i will have the gin.

of course if I am drinking top shelf I am drinking scotch and nothing but.

Erik said...

I'm not that big a fan of clear spirits, but I'd almost always choose vodka over gin. I'm not big on my mouth tasting like Pine-sol.

My mouth is watering over Liquor Muffin in multiple ways. *laughs* Trademark that name as fast as you can.

AWE said...

Gin and Tropicana Twisters.

Make sure that you put a red candy heart on each muffin. That way you can offer a "Liquor Muffin with a Red Heart On".

Huge Junk said...

If you haven't already tried it, get some Bafferts and Magellen gin some night. I don't think they'll disappoint.

Bafferts is like an ultra-premium vodka/gin hybrid.

Magellen is a true blue gin, unlike Sapphire which is made to look blue by the bottle. The thing with Magellen though, is that they focus the flavor on some of the other botanicals found in gin. It has a really unique taste, and I think Iris has something to do with it, but it's excellent.

Enjoy Super Bowl weekend!

StB said...

Thanks for the rec Bob. I will have to look for Magellan when I am out.

Mr. Parx said...

Hendrick's gin is cucumber-infused. Sounds terrible, but it's fantastic. Make a nice wet martini (vermouth is your friend!), garnish with a slice of cucumber. You'll see.

Mr. Parx

Blonde said...

Gin smells like cat piss so I can never drink it. Though, if I ever become a stripper I will use the name Sapphire in honor of you Stb ;).

If I was betting on the SB, my money would be on the Steelers.