Thursday, February 02, 2006

The screwing

It is that time of year again. A time where football fans whose team is not in the Super Bowl can at least get some satisfaction and pride from supporting their team throughout the years. A time where they can enjoy the accomplishments of the players they have watched, shared the joy and pain with, and thankfully, Super Bowls.

On Saturday, the 2006 inductees into the Pro Football Hall of Fame will be announced. And once again, the Dallas Cowboys and their fans will get screwed over by a group of jealous journalists.

Sadly, it happens year after year. Dallas Cowboys of the 70s, players that were voted to the all decade team, do not have their bust in Canton. Rayfield Wright, Cliff Harris, and Bullet Bob Hayes are players of note who have been shunned over the last couple of years.

Let's think about it. How can one of the most successful team in pro football and the 70s, a team that went t0 5 Super Bowls, and never had a losing record have only 5 players in the HOF? It boggles the mind.

Dr Z of Sports Illustrated has admitted it. There is a bias against the Cowboys when it comes to the selection process. They do not like the fact the Cowboys are America's Team. They hate Tex Schramm for having the smarts to ride the tag the NFL gave them and market the hell out of it. Jealousy should not prevent players from being admitted to the Hall of Fame.

So on Saturday, I will be hopeful to hear Rayfield Wright and Troy Aikman have been selected. It would be nice to hear that Michael Irvin will go in as well. But as I have learned from the past, I will not have my hopes up.

If Troy Aikman does not make it, it will definitely piss me off. You can say what you want about his stats. His numbers are good. Not necessarily great when compared to QBs like Marino, Elway, or Favre. But how many Super Bowls did they win? Aikman won football games. He save his best game for the big games.

Aikman was and still is my favorite all time Dallas Cowboy. I hope to be wearing an Aikman jersey come Sunday to honor his selection. Yet, I know it is not a lock. Only because he was a Dallas Cowboy.

And it shouldn't be that way.

Photo of Troy Aikman posted as a special favor for the Blonde.


Huge Junk said...

Aikmen is a fag.

It's not a bias towards "America's Team", it's a bias towards gays. Also, because Irvin was a cheater (See 1 second before every catch he ever made as an example of offensive pass interefernce) and people don't like cheaters. Add to the mix the attitude of a douchebag, which people don't like, and there's certainly a bias towards that. Take Emmitt Smith, the most overrated running back to ever play the game, and people have a bias towards lucky sonsofbitches who gained more yards with less talent than any back to every play. And oh yeah, he's pretty gay as well.

Gayest QB-RB duo in the history of the sport.

That being said, you're pretty much right. I dislike the cowboys, hate Irvin, believe Smith to have been way more lucky than good, and think Aikmen is a pillow biter. But they, along with the rest of the stalwarts of that team should be


Lions in 07!

StB said...

You comment about the Lions explains it all.

Don't you have a girl you are afraid to call?

AWE said...

I was always a Roger Staubach fan.

vegaas said...

Umm, Bob. Yeah, well, just thought you should know that well, lets see. How do I put this gently. Ok, how this, natural selection can be a bitch.

As for STB. I hate the Cowboys, and I hope Irvin never gets in. However; Aikmen and Smith deserve to be in HOF. As for the 70's guys. Yes they were the second best team of the decade (Behind the Steelers) and should have more players in the HOF.

Kuflax said...

Yeah- that's crap about the bias.
Aikman will get in - and he should. Quarterbacks should get treated a little differently in HOF selection.

As far as Irvin.... keep him the hell out. Wanna know why?

Here's Michael Irvin's Stats:
750rec - 11904yds - 65TD

Here's another players stats NOT in the Hall:
743rec - 10205yds - 84TD

And yet another not in the Hall:
699rec - 10856yds - 65TD

And my favorite, again, not in the Hall:
579rec - 10372yds - 76TDs

If you can name the other guys, I'll be impressed. So tell me again why Irvin should get in?

The other players?
Andre Rison
Gary Clark
Harold Jackson

Huge Junk said...

Damn, STB!

I thought I could get you more riled up than that. I'm disappointed. You must have been sober when you read my comments.

Oh well, I'll keep trying.

StB said...

Bob, you brought up the Lions. Really. The Lions? When they are accepted into the NFL, then maybe I will react.

Kuflax, from what you show, Irvin has better stats than each of those guys, except for TDs.

Irvin was a main cog in winning 3 Super Bowls. Another big game player. Plus, you would need to understand the offense the Cowboys ran in the 90s. Irvin's stats are a reflection of Aikman's and the offense. Pass in the first half, run in the second. Thus touchdown totals for both weren't that high.