Saturday, April 15, 2006

Beer, baseball and bar advice

Having a mild hangover wasn't bad. I wondered if I could repeat the performance last night. I may have been drunker than I thought on Thursday as there were things mentioned that I do not remember. Like Gambino saying something to the effect of "don't even bring it to mama". Not quite sure what that was about.

One thing I had avoided over the last two weeks was baseball. Mainly going to a game at Miller Park. I cannot watch a game without drinking a couple of beers. Can't be done. So I stayed away from the stadium waiting until I could sit back and watch while drinking a cold brew.

Friday the day came and I headed up to Big Momma's for the Brewers/Mets game. Not a live game but watching it on TV with a beer would do. It was good until the game was delayed because of rain. Damnit! Well, my beer drinking was going to suffer from a rain delay. Later I would head over to C's to catch the game when it started back up.

But not until I realized I could hand out a little advice. One day I will organize my bar advice into handy section on the side. Should take only about 15 minutes to do so but I am lazy. Plus, it may prevent me from duping items. It took 20 minutes but I did it. Check the upper right. Now I have to review posts to make sure I have the best stuff. I do feel it is my need to help out the fellow drinker by giving bad crucial wisdom gained over the years.

Today's advice is simple. Many of you probably practice this.
Question: It is a warm day outside. The bar is warm. A lovely wench is tending bar. Where do you sit?

Answer: By the ice chest. You get the stool that will be opposite of the ice chest (usually found right under the bar in front of you). This works well for getting a nice free view of the lovely wench's jubblees and also puts her in place for conversation. Of course, if a guy is tending bar, you need to go to a different bar.

So after drinking some beer and watching some baseball, I came home and avoided drunken poker. I watched Doctor Who before crashing. This morning I turned the TV on to see a message that read "Your service has been disconnected. Please call you cable provider at 1.800-833.7976. After cussing the cable provider who charges way too much as it is, I went online to check my account to make sure I didn't ignore a payment. I was good. I picked up the phone and called. A message on the other end started "Thank you for calling. I know you boys will not be disappointed. In a second, you will have a tough choice to make. You can talk to hot and horny women locally or have a pro-". Oops. Wrong number. I had dialed 1.800.833.7676 in error.

That may be useful for later though.

Thanks everyone for the welcoming me back. It feels good. Go have a drink on me. Except you frederick. I don't know why you are getting me back, but can't wait to see you again.


WhisKeYGyrL said...

You missed a good opening day this year too...OH well there is always next year! Glad your not whining about the lack of alcohol... Speaking of which we have to catch a drink!! (you owe me one!!) =) Good to have "you" back! Happy Easter!

fredrick said...

I think i typed that wrong i ment to say welcome back stb i missed you i will bye you a beer or two when i get back...