Monday, April 17, 2006

Last Monday good, this Monday bad

I really didn't feel like waking up this morning. I was enjoying the life of drinking and sleeping in. That all came to a halt when the alarm went off this morning. The real world beckons.

So did the pile of papers on my desk. It took some time to review everything, delete emails, print out reports and other miscellaneous crap to get caught up. Of course as I type this I am not caught up but felt like doing something different before I jump back into the pile.

I think I am being distracted too much by the people at work who are masters in wasting time. I watched one person come in, fire up their pc, and then proceed to spend the next 30 minutes walking around visiting everyone. She then ignored their own work for another 15 minutes to help someone else with a pc problem. I know that when two other women show up, she will go talk to them as well.

Now granted, I am not the model employee. Hell, I am doing this instead of working. But I will be here for 9 hours and get done what needs to get done. This other person will whine for help later today. I know that will happen. I will have to bite my tongue and tell her that if she hadn't fucked around so much this morning, that she wouldn't have all the papers to file.

The weekend was spent drinking. Felt fantastic to be on the horse again, to be socializing at Big Momma's with the gang. To wake up slowly and drag my ass out of bed just to feed the cat. To lay around on a Sunday with nothing to do but watch crappy movies (The Forgotten is a movie that needs to be forgotten) and baseball.

And to think now that it is only Monday. Damn, I need another weekend.

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AWE said...

I think I am leaving early today to get some stuff done and head to the bar early, you should do the same.

The girl that you are talking about comes by everyone's cube in my office at the start of the morning.