Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The suckhole that is Milwaukee radio manages to get worse

There are times where I wonder what the hell commercial people were thinking when you see an ad on TV or the hear it on the radio. There are commercials that are so stupid, it boggles the mind that someone got paid to create it. And that someone else who should know better thought it was good.

In other instances, they find the need to rehash old items and make it new again. The suckhole that is Milwaukee radio has managed to do just that. The Brew decided that a fat guy dancing in their commercial was a good idea again. Same kind of commercial Lazer 103 (now the Hog) used about 15 years ago. Except this time, the fat guy is not wearing a shirt and has the bottlecap logo on his big belly. You can see it at their site.

There is absolutely nothing funny about a fat guy dancing. Especially with his shirt off. Even years ago when this stunt was done, it wasn't good. What kind of lunatic thinks fat people dancing is entertainment? Is that the statement they want to make about Milwaukee? A bunch of dunderheads that find fat people jiggling about is prime fun. Sad. And by the way, all you ReRun fans, don't waste your time sending me hate mail.

What truly scares me about this commercial, besides the scar in my memory of this fat ass moving around, is that I truly expect the Hog to copy them. Hell, they have copied everything else the Brew has done. Format, drunk listener commercials, sucky on air personalities. It only makes sense they will rip off the commercial as well. The Hog does not have an original idea. They have taken all of the music heard on every other station in town and decided to play it all on one station. Boring!

The Hog says they play "Everything that rocks"?? My ass! (Now don't read that as Everything that rocks my ass. It is two separate sentences). They don't play anything heavy. They think thrash is Metallica or Megadeath. I don't think they have ever heard of Anthrax. They get their rocks off if someone thinks they are cool requesting an old Deep Purple song. The level of suckage is quite high at the Hog.

In fact, the best station in the city is one that I only listen to occasionally. 102.1, Milwaukee's Alternative Station. They play a bigger variety of music than the others. Punk to ska to reggae to jam bands to grunge. Unfortunately they don't play any metal. But if I want to hear something fresh, without the bickering, I go there.

Poison is coming by town. Playing a county fair to the north of the city. I find this a bit shocking. They cannot get arena gigs? They could always pull people in to the Amphitheater. It would make a good Summerfest show as well. Thankfully, there is still time.


J. Gambino said...

I must reiterate your point. No fat dancing.

And Rerun is DEAD!

AWE said...

Poor Rerun.

StB said...

I bet ReRun died from all that fat dancing he was doing!

Friends don't let friends fat dance.

Unless they are friends of koalas and well, they are dumb to begin with.

wiskyvi said...

thank goodness my new company vehicle 'magically' came with Sirious ! I no longer feel your pain...but my wife is mucho pissed/jealous of this fact!!

Erik said...

I think summerfest is intentionally going for the worst lineup they can this year. That Smiley guy they put in charge instead of Bo Black is a moron.

triticale said...

Try WMSE, 91.7. Rockabilly, blues, techno...

Anonymous said...

ok what do you think of the new quick 102.1 gay is the only word that comes to my mind

Anonymous said...

I cant believe they changed the station one day after summerfest!! this quick 102 BS is like crack for ADD kids..I am sure that within 5 mins of listening to this the mass majority will be pissed.

At least I live far enough north and west that I can get WJJO 94.1 out of Madison...the last good station left