Tuesday, April 25, 2006

No apologies

So I didn't post anything yesterday. You won't see me apologizing either. I don't understand why people apologize for not posting something. So what? Do you feel you owe people something to read? Take some time off and put some thought into it. No one wants to read a recap of your boring life, of what you watched on TV, or how you went to a swizzle stick store, or how you have nothing to say but feel you should tell everyone you have nothing to say.

That paragraph also is not about anyone in particular. If you are vain enough to think I am talking about you, then you have problems. Just ranting. Don't get your undies in a bunch.

Maybe I am grumpy because I didn't get much sleep after staying up playing poker. Some donkey called a big bet with just overcards and cracked my kings crippling me. I was pretty pissed off. The Maker's helped take off the edge but I guess it has carried over to this morning.

Got my notice from the city's accessor's office telling me my house is worth about 20% more than it was a year ago. Now the city can charge me more in taxes to keep crooked cops on the force and unethical people in charge of the city's ethics department. Yes!

The sad part is that I cannot argue it. Of course what they assess it at is still way below market value. I know what houses are selling/being sold for in my neighborhood. I can't help it as I get a postcard in the mail every week from someone who wants to sell my house. Jo Blow just sold the property at 123 Milwaukee and she can sell yours for you too!

I find it amusing the unsolicited mail I receive from the people that like to prey on the completely stupid and inept (hey, why am I getting this?). I will get mail about once a month offering to pay me cash for my house. Up to $25,000! Uh, yeah. I will take a price way below market just because I need cash fast. Who takes them up on this? Does someone decide they are better off homeless and out of debt is the better lifestyle?

Maybe I should sell my house and move westward, away from the city. I could get a great price for it. Of course I would need to find a place that had a liquor store within walking distance and a good bar nearby.

See, you made it through a crappy post. Still not apologizing for any of this. Could be worse. I could tell you that I went to work, got caught in traffic, had leftover chili, and played poker while watching tv and the cat. Exciting huh? Well, if I did that, then I would have to apologize for boring you to death.

Yet that is what some people do.


Garthmeister J. said...

Nice work last night StB. I'm probably going to post about our hand from last night, so feel free to chime in and tell me I'm a lemur.

AWE said...

That's funny, I didn't post yesterday either. I had way to much work to do, then I had to, HAD TO, stop by the bar.

Aleta said...

You went to a swizzle stick store??How great would a post on the Adventures of STB in the swizzle stick store be.

J. Gambino said...

So, next time you go to the Swizzle Stick Factory, please invite me along. Did you get a bunch of the naked lady ones like last time?

peacecorn said...

How was the chili?