Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Thoughts from a baseball game

I finally got out to Miller Park to watch the Brewers last night. Between giving up the sauce, road games, and drunken weekends, it was the first real opportunity to catch a game. Here are some of the things rambling through my mind as the Brewers won, 4-2.
  • There is always something special to me about walking into a stadium for the first game. Seeing the field, the scoreboard, the beer vendors. Yeah, I can be sentimental.
  • The new graphic scoreboard as the left field wall is pretty damn cool. I find it hard to believe that no one has done this before. It cannot be a first. The graphic ring around the Club level is just ok. Been done before. But it does brighten up the park.
  • The picnic area in the right field looks good too. Too bad it is sold out for the year already. It would be a good place to watch a game from field view.
  • Next time I bring my camera to a game to get some shots. The park has changed a bit over the last couple of years.
  • One reason to bring the camera is one promo they have. The Cingular test message thingy. You test them at some time and your message shows up on the scoreboard. Hell, I can think of a couple of things to say. Don't know if they would put them on the board but you don't know unless you try.
  • Tomo Ohka is an ok pitcher. Yesterday he pitched well which meant he gave up only 2 runs, no walks in 7 innings. Unfortunately his pattern is to get shelled in the next game.
  • Carlos Lee stole a base. Yes, the left fielder Carlos Lee. All 240 pounds of him too off for second and made it in easily. Visions of Ted "Chug Chug" Simmons flashed through my mind. I swear he was halfway to second before the pitcher released to the plate. One hell of a jump. I think the catcher was stunned to see a big, slow guy stealing.
  • That was after Lee's clutch hit to tie the game. Clutch hitting and Brewers. Two words that don't go together enough.
  • How many parking attendants to they need at the stadium? Must be nice to have a job where you stand around for a couple of hours, waving your hands.
  • Kids today are getting stupider. Have they ever heard of a weather report? The high yesterday was maybe 44-45. Cold. It would be about 39 when the game was over. Yet, there were a number of people wearing shorts and a t-shirt, freezing their asses off as they left the game. Doesn't take much time to listen to John Malan. Oh wait, maybe they did.
  • A decent amount of drunks at the game last night. No, I was not among them. I was just drinking. But do these assclowns really need to show their assclownedness (like that new word Gambino?) to everyone? Yelling the Braves suck after the game to Braves fans. Very intelligent. A great organization that towers over the Brewers and they suck because of one loss. Moron.
  • Or the dickweed who got mad as we left the game. He was yelling and screaming about the Brewers victory, begging for a response. No one cared. Of course, everyone else was the "lame fucks", not him.
  • I thought about this one long and hard yesterday. It seems that Jo and Randy have a hard time staying on their bikes. No wonder they wear helmets. They are the exception to the rule on bike helmets. They keep falling. I think they need to trade in the bikes for tricycles. Much safer for you and us people that have balance.
  • It is nice have connections. The free tickets we had for the nose bleed turned into a nice Section 111 just beyond first base and 20 rows up.
  • Late additions- Game took only 2 hours, 14 minutes to complete. That is one fast game.
  • The Italian won the sausage race. I also now have inside information on how to handicap the race. Beware the next time I offer a bet.


AWE said...

For some reason I want a Ballpark hotdog.

I wonder if you have to be a yoga instructer to get the parking lot attendant job?

iamhoff said...

Sounds like a good time. The whole wall is scoreboard? Nice! They should've done something like that for Petco Park here in San Diego. Still, it's pretty sweet. If only the Padres weren't completely showing their assclownedness.

Blonde said...

Everything about a ballpark makes me horny.

Feel free to text message for the board: Blonde, with big tits who likes beer and puts out (856) *insert my number here*. I need my ass slapped...

WhisKeYGyrL said...

Mhmmm... I was at opening day in that section where were you??? Blonde pleeease get a grip... on your own azz that is, nobody wants you!!!!!

Hey Jo said...

Hey! Hubby and I only fell one time each. I am hoping that we are done with falling over now.

or... I could look like Speed Racer with my helmet AND goggles on!