Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Anybody there?

I woke up this morning wondering what I would have to do today. I first thought was there wasn't much at work to get done. So I laid in bed and relaxed a bit before getting up. The cat had other thoughts though.

He has been having some strange eating cycles lately. Some days he eats all the food. Others maybe half. When he does pig out he gets cranky for more in the morning. This was one of those mornings. He kept whining. Over and over. I have a simple solution for this.

I throw socks at him. I have some old socks that are balled up that I launch at him. Of course it is dark and I have no clue how close I may be getting until I hear a cat-like "oomph" when he takes it in the puss.

Hey, I could throw beer bottles...

Once I got to work, I noticed a number of emails with attachments. Great. I suddenly went from wondering what had to be done to will I get everything done. I have a fun filled day ahead.

Now, this cannot be just me that thinks this, but should my congresswoman intentionally try to be arrested? I understand the purpose here and think it is a good cause. But how does that serve the people of Milwaukee or Wisconsin? The slaughter in Sudan is terrible, but is this her place to act? I don't think so.

Meanwhile the Governor of Wisconsin has no interest in national security. If asked, he plans to fight sending Wisconsin National Guard troops to help in securing borders. I find it interesting how "he was unsure whether the nation's chief executive has that authority". Um...shouldn't you find this out before you make such a statement? He doesn't know if Wisconsin can spare any troops. When was the last time the Wisconsin National Guard was called to duty in the state of Wisconsin? Governor Doofus needs to stop the posturing. I also think he is trying to find a way to get some casino to give him some money before he can commit any troops.

So who tried the Leinenkugel Sunset Wheat this past weekend? Hands? Did you like it? Good stuff. I don't know if I saw this correctly but the local grocery store may have cases of Leinenkugel cans on sale for just $11. Nothing wrong with a cold Leinie's original to quench your thirst.

Especially when you brought your nuts in to work. I bought a big jar of peanuts for people to enjoy. Main reason was the guy in the pod in front of me had a huge jar in here last week and I partook in the snack. So when he comes in and asks who brought in the peanuts, do I tell him "Yeah, I was grabbing your nuts last week and decided I should bring some in as well".

Uh, no. That doesn't sound good. Think I will stick to a simple "I did".


AWE said...

I don't know what is going on with my cat. He whines all of the time and like you I throw shit at him. I think he likes it.

J. Gambino said...

my cat can just finish snacking away and notice the bottom of the bowl, she then alerts me to that issue. I fill it again, she just looks at me as if to say, "Good job," and walks away.

Maybe you could just say, "I wanted to see if everyone would enjoy my nuts as much as they did yours."

Kris said...

My cat stuffs as much cat food in his mouth...walks away from the dish and spits it all over the floor and then eats it up..then he goes and quenches his thrist in the toliet.....I think he may be an alien....

And bringing some nice fresh salty nuts to work is always a crowd pleaser.