Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Does anybody wonder?

Random thoughts from yesterday:

Why is there a ton of food in here today? Good thing I brought my nuts.

Cheese and crackers make for a good mid morning snack. I wish I could catch a buzz off the Port Wine Cheddar spread.

Just saw a termination for a guy who was stricken with cancer. First reaction was the worst thought. Hope I am wrong.

I think I may get sick from some of the phrases I have heard from the women today. "That is a cute sneeze, tee hee hee".

I hate it when people start talking to me without either having my attention or addressing me by name, especially when I am busy. This has happened 3 times already. I am reading a document and my assistant starts talking. I am focused on what I am reading. I hear her as noise in the background. She then gets into a hissy fit because I am not responding. I turned and asked if she was talking to me. After I get the look, I answer her question. You think she would have learned, but NOOOOOOOOO. An hour later she is sticking a folder in my face, expecting me to drop everything I am doing and sign off on some papers. I took the folder and set it aside. After she sighed and sat down all grumpy, I finished what I was doing and then reviewed what I had to sign. Next time, I purposely will ignore her longer.

It is quite disappointing that Bobby Bracelet has been shut down. Scary to an extent. I guess it is possible that could happen to me as well. Bobby, any time you care to vent, you have space available here. Afterall, the 860th greatest poker player (as of 6/30/05) should have presence on the interwebby thing.

Just noticed a headline on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. A Problem for Hot Web Outfits: Keeping Pages Free From Porn. Must stop and read the article. Part of my job is keeping up to date on what is going on in the world.

While reading about porn (only because I have to read for my job, I get nothing else out of it), I started laughing. I watched the latest episode of Big Love last night. The oldest kid just about lost his girlfriend (cute chick) because he didn't want to put out. So he decides to do her to save the relationship. How Seinfeldian. Sex to save the relationship. Anyways, he gets in and give 3 thrusts and is done. No wonder he didn't want to give in. He had no game.

Whoooooo are you? Who, who, who, who.

The black beans and corn salad was quite good at lunch. Would have been better if not served cold, IMO. The chicken cordon bleu was just ok.

Why does everyone forget the illegal part when discussing illegal immigration? They claim illegal immigrants are not criminals but....they are illegal. Thus, they are criminals. American policies are not against immigration. Just illegal immigration. Some people need to get that part straight.
So now that I have headphones on to block out the annoyance of the interruptions, do you think that would stop some people? Of course not.

I just snapped. She kept waving a paper in front of me, insisting I pay attention. She even whisted to get my attention. I asked in a stern manner why she was bothering me. It was to tell me something she found funny about someone's name. Please, let me shoot her.

Maker's and ginger would be really good right now. I often wonder if I could hide a bottle or flask with me at work. Some day I may gamble. Nah, not really.

My brain checks out of work at 3. The rest of me physically leaves around 4. I think I need to start sending up meetings at 3. You can always find me in conference room T. That is the code word for the bar across the street.

I got home and heard the other lawn mowers running in the neighborhood. I felt the grass as I walked up to the house. Barely damp. The warm sun was doing its best to dry out the turf. Damn peer pressure. I didn't want to be the guy with the tall grass on the corner so I mowed the lawn.

As I mowed I couldn't help but notice the dandelions lay there dead, looking like snakes. No, not on a plane! I ran them over a couple times just to be sure.

I think that all work and no play will make me a dull guy. So the Maker's is being poured tonight. Very low on ginger. Will be going neat soon.

While watching the Brewers/Phillies game, I couldn't help but try to guess the Blonde's FwB. I think it is the catcher. I also had to use the DVR to see the Miller Lite Man Law commercial. I am usually in a bar seeing these and haven't heard any of the dialog yet. No, you cannot bring beer to a party and take it home with you.

Man, that sucks seeing them carry J J Hardy into the dugout. Great throw to the plate by Burrell. J J slides but runs into a wall. Ugly. Hope it ain't too serious of an injury.

Brewers win!

Why must people get their undies in a bunch because of the Da Vinci Code? It is a movie! I enjoyed the book years ago, but I didn't think it was the gospel truth. Don't take everything so seriously.

I don't know if I could live as a duck. I don't think I would like having my ass in water most of the day.


Kris said...

People are such idiots! They forget the Da Vinci Code is placed in the FICTION section because its FICTION!

I tune people out all the time, mainly my students. I defenitely hate when people start talking to you without addressing you first...can't give me the courtesy to say my name..I am not going to give the courtesy to listen

StB said...

Yeah, rather that bitching about it I will need to talk to her and tell her to stop.

AWE said...

Are you sure you didn't hit the bottle at work today?

I have been trying to figure out who the blonde's friend is too.

The Da Vinci Code, give me a break. These people are nuts. I thought the book he wrote before that one, Angels and Demons was better.

If it wasn't for having to go to court for it, I would tell you to slap your assistant on the ass.

About time you mowed the yard.

iamhoff said...

There is definitely something to be said for drinking at work. When I was in college, I worked at this shitty little "energy supplement" company (think vitamin packs you see in 7-11). Every Friday at 3 we would sort of shut down and commence "Margarita Fridays". Bust out the tequila and the liquid energy drink, blend with ice, salt the rim, and a nice beginning to the weekend. Gotta love the boss pouring.

Erik said...

I heard a latino gal on the news last night say, "They should be treatin' those people with more respect instead of like criminals." Fucking moron of the day, there. If there are here illegally, then they're criminals!

I thought Blonde's guy was a pitcher?

I'm looking forward to back to back games at Miller Park. I'll be tailgating tomorrow at 10am when they open the parking lots, baybee!

Blonde said...

I can't believe that the Blonde's FwB is still under question. Sheesh!

I am very upset about Bobby B too. That sucks.

I hate the Brewers.

It was nice dial a shotting/texting with you last night!

StB said...

Welcome back Blonde. Hope all is well and you were busy rockin on with your bad self!