Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bassetball Jones

As my afternoon spiraled down like crap in a flushing toilet, I knew that I would be taking up Gambino and her offer for buckets of beer. The only good thing that occurred was me being able to leave before my boss called yet again.

Before leaving my workplace, I stopped by a friend's desk to ask what time he was playing volleyball. Earlier, I ran into him at lunch and he had asked if I was going to be up at the bar to watch them play. I told him I was going out for buckets and I would probably see him. On my way out I asked what time they were playing. He told me 9 and then asked what time I was playing basketball. Of course he did the universal white man sign for basketball and acted like he was taking a shot.


He noticed the confused look on my face and said "You said you were going out for buckets. You are not playing basketball?"

I looked at him and began laughing. "No, buckets of beer. I hate basketball." The guys behind him were rolling. I had a hard time standing up. Never have I heard anyone mistake buckets of beer for playing basketball.

So I went to the bar right after changing clothes. The buckets started flowing. It sucked that the Brewers were on the west coast so the game wasn't on til late. Of course, ESPN feels the need to shove yet another Yankees/Red Sox game down our throat. Will ESPN ever realize that only people on the east coast care about either of these teams? Once you get past the Appalachians, we don't give a fuck about the Yanks or the Bosox! Learn that no one cares about those teams and stop forcing us to watch it.

I ended up watching Deal or No Deal without sound. I think the show is better without volume. Just my opinion but it is a show for people that have been dropped on their heads. No real thinking involved. Plus, to be a contestant, you just need to be able to 1) be willing to make a fool out of yourself, and 2) have a friend or family member who will make a fool out of themselves. Case in point. Some white guy who apparently loves music because a marching band showed up- I am guessing he is the band teacher- was running all over the stage and trying to entertain. Even did the white boy version of James Brown. Please, don't do that again. But worse was his fat brother/friend on the side with what looked to be his parents. When the guy picked a low numbered case, fat boy was hunched over dancing, shaking his ass. Thanks a lot Mr. Producer. I didn't need to see that.

After DoND, the Dateline predator show was on. I wish there was volume for this one. We enjoyed watching the scumballs get taken down one after another. But what was with the guy who brought his kid along? He got out of the car with what appeared to be a 3 or 4 year old boy. WTF? Though some in the bar thought it was sad this happened to the kid, I didn't feel sorry for him at all. If his father is that big of a loser, he deserves to lose custody of the child. The child can only end up in a much better place.

More drinking shall ensue later today. I think it is the last day for some people at work so afterwork drinks are in order. Maybe followed by some big mouths at Big Mommas. Who's with me?


Aleta said...

Remember: no mas de boca grande! Ay Carumba! I think you forgot.

AWE said...

How is your shooting from the line?

I am going out tonight, hopefully it will fix my stomache.

Kris said...

Love to catch a predator! You should check out part two...when a guy shows up naked with beer, and claims he was just stopping to say hello. Hilarious!