Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My barber, the cockblocker?

I was a bit stunned when it happened. Did my barber just cockblock me?

I saw her out of the corner of my eye. Petite girl coming out of the back room, by the tanning beds. I turned my head to get a better look. As I did, he turned the chair so I couldn't see her. Then he put the clipper right by my ear, giving me a good buzz.

But I caught her again in the mirror. I noticed a nice ass being hidden under the powder blue running pants. Natural instinct had my head turning again. And I'll be damned if he didn't turn that damn chair once again. I realized I had been cockblocked by the barber!

The barber has been cutting my hair for about 10 years now. Does a fine job. He added 3 or 4 tanning beds to his shop back in the 90s to boost income. Every once in a while you can find a cute chick in there. Most of the time it is old buzzards trying to look young.

Thus I was a bit stunned, then upset, that he blocked me from getting an eyeful. Maybe this is his bit of turf that he is willing to defend to the end. The barber must be in his 50s and I guess he gets his jollies off some young women laying naked in his tanning beds.

Good to see the Brewers snap the mini-losing streak last night. Funny stat fact from last night.
Jeff Cirillo hit his first home run of the year. All of the active position players for the Crew have gone yard this year. Not sure if they are the only team for this to happen but it is interesting.

But not as interesting as how the Philadelphia fans treated Barry Bonds this past weekend. Brutal. I did love the sign that read "Babe Ruth did it on hot dogs and beer. Hank Aaron did with class. How did you do it?" Did I say sign? It was a huge banner. The pic was on CNNSI yesterday but I can't find it today. In fact, read the article. I must give credit to Phillies fans. They were original.

In doing the spellcheck, I noticed I had 3 variations of saying "cockblocked". I wonder how many Google searches will lead people here now...

Updated at 2:35
Thanks to Gambino for finding the picture:


harrahs80 said...

Yo i was at the game for 713 i liked the babe ruth did it on hotdgos and beer sign classic but the funniest one of them all was a sign that siad bonds move your head i cant see HAHAHAHA

Aleta said...

Old buzzards trying to look young! That was funny. does he "block" you from seeing them? When I used to go I always got a kick out of the leather skinned men. And they always smelled like spicy scented aftershave when they came out of the tanning rooms. Like they tried to mask the tanning lotion with some aftershave. And they'd be sucking their guts in so they didn't hang over the top of their speedos.

djw said...

"The barber has been cutting my hair for about 10 years now"--is he almost finished? (that seemed funnier in my mind)
"gets his jollies"=hidden cameras?

BigMike said...

Philadelphia fans are world renowned for their culture, breeding, and overall misanthropy. Seriously, I think it casts a bad light on the city overall. It is the reason people have bad feelings about Philadelphia and it keeps Philadelphia from getting big names. I mean when you have a sporting milestone.... wait a minute...Hot dogs and beer....That IS funny! F the over paid, over privileged athletes, if they can't take a joke!

Tanning Lotion said...

That was a good one.