Saturday, May 13, 2006

Cheap night

I should be focusing on the poker game. The rebuy portion is over but most players still are in idiot mode. It is the dangerous spot of the tournament. That is why I should focus.

Kind of like last night. I had focus. On the boobs. Oh, the Brewers game too.

It was a boobalicious night. Each of the bartenders ignored the fact that is was cold and rainy outside. I had a seat right by the washer and a bottle opener. If you cannot be by the ice tub, this is the next best thing. Hey, I am not afraid to admit it. I look. Don't care where I am, work, food store, restaurant. If the ladies want to show the goods, the least I can do is look. I do it for them. Helps their self esteem.

DJW didn't seem to mind. He was grinning ear to ear when he realized the view was good.

I just about passed on heading out to Big Mommas. The weather was sucky, I was tired, and I didn't feel like grabbing something warm to wear. But I did want to watch the baseball game and watching at home is not a real option. I knew that if I got up and out, a beer would make the difference and I would feel better

The Brewers didn't play that well last night but got a victory. Pitching was not good and the offense was non-existent until Prince Fielder hit that bomb. Jenkins gets a clutch double and the momentum swings heavily for the Crew to pick up the victory.

I had 5 of the 32 ounce beers last night. They cost $3 a pop. Guess how much I spent last night? C'mon guess. $6. Really. Only six of my hard earned dollars went into the register. Bartender gets a nice tip to boot and I am happy. I even "bought" a round. About the only thing that didn't go for me was the shake of the day.

Ok, back to the poker game. Just doubled up to put myself into a great position. Must focus now.

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djw said...

Good Luck in the tourney, and thanks again for the great seats. You are right, if they are going to show them off, it would be rude of us not to look and appreciate them.