Sunday, May 14, 2006

Maybe I shouldn't have ate it

Question....what is the shelf life of pankcake mix?

I stared at the pancake mix in the pantry shelf a week ago. All I could think was the most obvious thought. Mmm...tasty pancakes! So I picked up some syrup and waited for the weekend to arrive so I could enjoy my tasty pancakes.

Boy, what a mistake. I actually had two boxes of mix. One had just over half a cup left. The other was much fuller. I made it according to the directions. I couldn't wait to feast on the "light and fluffy" pancakes promised by Mrs. Butterworth.

Man, what a lying bitch she is. Heavy and hard was more like it. I wouldn't have eaten them if I wasn't so looking forward to this.

Maybe I should throw the other box out.

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