Tuesday, May 30, 2006


That one word is a good way to describe how a good drinking session goes. Before you begin to realize it, it is hours later, you have had a great time with friends, and there is just a hint of slur in your words.

Sunday was an effortless day. It started out inconspicuously. The weather was nice. Sunny, warm, would be approaching 90. Usually a friend has a party up at the bar for the Indy race. This year, no one really knew if he was doing it again or not. Word had not been put out. I figured at the least I can do a drive by, see if his car was out and stop on in to see what was going on. The usual crowd had gathered and drinks were being served. I guess some things are just automatic and do not need invitations anymore.

Now, I don't really watch racing. I am more up on the drinking portion. I know enough of the drivers to debate a topic or give someone shit. I had Dixon in the pool. Guy spent the entire day in 3rd place before falling off at the end. Wuss.

Towards the end of the race, Randy wanted to get some poker going so some of us morphed onto two tables for some hold'em. This is the point where things started to get interesting. Somewhere along they way, it was decided that everyone should be drinking Captain and Cokes to try and win the tent and sleeping bags they were giving away. It had also been decided to stuff the box with my name. Hey, I ain't one to try and fight a crowd.

It was at this time that the Indy race ended and the Nascar race started and ended and I had filled out dozens of slip to win some camping gear. Lisa arrived out of nowhere to quench her thirst. We caught up on things. Apparently she has been bit by the biking bug as well and went out and got a bike just like everyone else. Thankfully she realizes she doesn't need a helmet.

Later, Jim and Brian would show up again after heading out to the church festival. The time had really slipped on by. I looked at my watch and saw it was 11. It had been an eleven hour binge that seemed like barely a couple of hours. After finishing another pint, I decided it was time to take off. Actually my wallet had decided as I didn't have enough left for another Captain. Jim pinched the keys out of my hand and insisted he drive me home. Kids, if you have been a sponge at a bar soaking up rum for 7 hours, let someone drive you home. You should be happy that they care enough to see you the next day.

I also realized I had broken one of the laws of drinking. I had forgotten to eat anything. Picking away at peanuts in the snack bowl doesn't really count. But that was all I ate on Sunday. Well, except for a lime wedge or two.

I spent my Monday off doing yardwork. Or at least trying. I went to my mother's to mow the lawn. Either she was sleeping or had decided not to let me into the house as no one responded when I knocked on the door. Maybe she was at my sister's house. I went back home and pulled out the weed eater and started trimming the grass around the trees, post, house, etc. I got about halfway finished when the line went flying off the end. I had one length of house to do and I run out of the fricken' line. That bit. So I retired inside away from the heat to relax, play poker and watch a classic Dr. Who dvd.

Hey, if the powers that be do not want me to cut the grass then why should I fight them?

I have come to the conclusion that one of my tenants is pretty damn stupid. It began to rain yesterday afternoon. I noticed he windows were down on this car. I then realized that the windows are usually down a lot when it is raining. Has he no common sense to notice the rain and go put the windows up? Nope. The Xbox is too important to him.


AWE said...

I love to get into those "zones" while drinking, but I always forget to eat like you did.

Erik said...

I tend to eat more when I'm drinking. It's like I get a case of the munchies and have to snack all throughout my drunken escapades. The only way I don't get hungry is if there isn't food anywhere in view, then it doesn't bother me.