Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Nothing to see here, move along

I have all kinds of stuff jamming through my head right now but nothing really good to talk about. Not the shooting in the neighborhood park on Monday.

Nor the rain we are getting once again. My lawn will look like a jungle by Saturday.

Nor how my boss is panicking once again because one person out of 400 did not receive an email and now we need to double check all these things.

Nor how I am sad that metal month on Vh1 is over. Some good stuff for headbangers was on all May. It made me pull out some Iron Maiden to enjoy once again. That was replaced by Guns n Roses this morning. I don't think I have listened to the Appetite disc in at least 8 years. Seriously.

Nor how my tenant is becoming a bum and how I will need to get tough with them.

Nor how I walked through the food store- a place where the freaks always crack me up- and didn't really get anything inspiring to eat. I did notice that the only vegetables I had at the checkout were the ones on the pizza. Much different from the vegan in front of me. I don't think she liked me putting my meat right up against her parsley.

Nor the fact that I got the band wrong when Gambino called. Well sort of. She needed to know who sang Tell Me What You Want. I told her I wasn't certain but I knew it was one of two bands, UFO or Zebra. I went with UFO though it didn't feel right. As I was driving I began to think of the other Zebra hit, Who's Behind the Door and knew I had the group wrong. I was going to call her back but instead called my mother.

Nor about how the Zebra's singer's screeching vocal style will now be stuck in your head as you hear "Tell me what you waaaaaant, tell me what you waaaaaant" or "Who's behind the dooooooooooor" over and over, just about driving you nuts.

Nor about how I may not be using "nor" correctly. Should it be "or"? Know what? I don't care.

No. I won't talk about any of those things. Don't quite know what to talk about. I guess I got nuthin.


AWE said...

GNR - Rock on with your bad self.

Fat Dan said...

Usually once every 2 months or so, i will go through the entire GNR catalog on my IPOD. When that is done i move on again.

and I believe you are using "nor" correctly.