Friday, May 26, 2006

Holiday weekends

So it has begun to feel like a nice long weekend is here. I think it took the 10 hours days to make it feel like it was earned. I have worked too much this week. I need a good weekend to lay around, drink, and get some stuff done.

It really hit me yesterday. It was quarter past 5 and I was still at work. I should have been home by now, cooling down from a workout, and thinking about cold beer. Instead, I am getting out of a meeting, looking at the rain that is coming down, and grumbling about putting the top back up on the car.

I made a quick wise decision. Bar. The only consideration was whether to stop at home to change clothes (I did). I got to the bar just past 6. By 6:50 I had 4 pints of Captain and Cokes in me. And H does not make them weak either. My brain got what it needed. A pool to swim in.

I had a couple of beers after that before heading out. I always want to be out of Big Mommas before the karaoke clowns show up.

My day at work looks pretty good. No big items to do. Some minor review. Boss was on a plane leaving before I got out of bed. The only thing I need to worry about is whether she calls because she is in an airport bored and just wants to talk. God bless caller ID. I will have to be "away from my desk" at that moment.

I am kind of jealous that people I know are going away for the weekend. I missed an opportunity to go camping last weekend. I could use an escape. Vegas is just over a month away. One long month.

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