Thursday, May 25, 2006

Not too shabby

I was content with my bowling yesterday. Just two games, 154, 156. About average for me. Enough to impress the non-bowling bosses.

I am happy that they did embrace what I consider the fundamentals of bowling. Beer. We had our own little army of empty bottles piling up on a table. To me, bowling is as much a part of having fun and drinking as it is rolling a good game.

Instant drinking advice:

Never drink tap beer at a bowling alley. I don't recall ever having a good
draft at a bowling alley. Ever. That has to be the one place where
the thought of cleaning the beer lines never comes to mind. Stick to
bottles while at the lanes.

I am proud to say that as of the time of this writing, I have no clue who won the student talent show that was the TELEVISION EVENT OF THE SEASON THAT HAD AMERICA SITTING BY THEIR TVS. Yes, I refuse to even type the name of the show anymore. I don't' care. Even when the hens are in here cackling about it in an hour, I still won't care. I am looking forward to seeing the last episode of Lost.

I am also thinking about changing my cell service. Currently I use Cingular. I have a good deal but the reception at my house is terrible. I am thinking of switching to Verizon. Any comments on whether Verizon is good or not?

It is a long weekend ahead. It really hasn't sunk in yet that it is a holiday weekend. I guess I have been too busy at work lately to know what is going on. Maybe I will have to sort plans out over 16 ounce beers tonight. Who is with me?


Pokerwolf said...

Student Talent Show.


When I bowled in a league a few years ago, I made the same statement about drinking from bottles. Someone there responsed:

"Don't worry. They run through enough beer here that nothing sits in there long enough to go bad."

Highly amusing.

Aleta said...

funny, I just switched to Cingular yesterday from US Cellular. We had Verizon at one time and had many problems with reception. I did have the least amount of problems with US Cellular. Did the switch as my daughter works for Cingular so there were some perks.

Johnny FlopBoot said...


Never had a problem with reception throughout the Eastern half of the States. Or California. Or Vegas.

Cingular sucks monkeys... I couldn't get reception in my house either, when I dumped the land-line for cell only I had to switch. Haven't looked back.

AWE said...

Verizon's customer service pissed me off about 2 years ago and I switched to Cingular. The thing that I have noticed is Cingular has better reception in cities and Verizon has better in rural areas. I had Alltell many years ago and they messed my bill up every month.

Why do I get so hammered off of draft beer? It takes me alot longer with bottles.

djw said...

I would have been there for 16 ouncers if I had known you were going. For some reason I couldn't get to your site. It kept coming up as a blank, white screen.

Hey Jo said...

I have had Verizon for the last few years. I am happy with them. I never have a problem with reception or dropped calls like I did with US Cellular. Verizon has one of the best coverage areas.

Check with your work to see if they have a corporate plan with someone that you can get on. I get a nice discount every month and 25%off accessories.