Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I need a break

I am not sure what the heck that is floating in my coffee. Looks like it came from the cream I put in there. I will not be finishing that cup. That I do know.

I grabbed the trusted pipe wrench last night to fix the bath tub spout. It started spraying out the side the other day. After spending a week with it duck taped up (man's best friend), I had decided to take it off and replace it. Once I had the spout off I instantly knew I had a problem. It was not connected to a regular pipe like I had expected. It was connected to some special fitting.

The bath tub itself is the old style on legs. The plumbing is external; there is a stainless steel pipe that does from on top of the faucet up to the shower head, with a shower curtain surrounding the entire tub.

Once I looked at the fitting and noticed the 2 inch opening that it was, the only thought was that it may have to be entirely replaced. Shit! There goes more cash down the drain (no pun intended). I put the spout back on and it didn't appear to lead badly yesterday, but this morning there was a small river coming from underneath the tub. I think I will take another shot at it later today. I am hoping part of the issue is not having the spout on tight enough. I don't want to break the thing either so I need to be a bit careful with it. Plus, I do want to find out where the water is coming from exactly.

I have had issue with the faucet leaking in the past. Fixing it was no real big issue. It is old and I had considered replacing it. Just like I would like to replace the fixture in the rental unit as well. Looks like I will be getting one of them done now sooner than I expected.

What really sucks is the number of repair items I have had already this year. Between 2 vehicles and the house, I keep paying out to have things fixed. Can't I catch a break for a couple of months here? I mean, if I have to keep paying for this stuff, that sucks money from my Vegas fund. Can't have that!

Breaking news! Toto is coming to Summerfest! I want to hear about the rain in Africa. But damn, I will be out of town!


AWE said...

Like I have told you in the past, leaks suck!

Erik said...

You could always siphon funds from your Makers Mark fund for home repair.
*laughs* I can't believe I got that one out with a straight face. ;) Fuck it, win big in Vegas and have Bob Villa fix your house.

WhisKeYGyrL said...

When it rains...... IT FUCKING POURS!!! Join the remodeling/break it and then fix it club!!!

djw said...

I just avoid any room that needs repairs. I now have all by belongings-and am living-in two out of seven rooms.