Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Well, the Red Wings choked on a lead last night and got bounced from the NHL playoffs. Blew a 2 goal lead. So much for having the best record in the regular season. I am so disappointed.

I don't know why I do this. Every time I grab this shirt for work, it never crosses my mind. I think it is because the light isn't very bright in the bedroom. Got to keep it low for the ladies you know. But I put this shirt on just to notice the faint stain when I get to work. The stain doesn't stick out like a sore thumb but if you look at it, it comes into view like those blurry picture you had to stare at just to see the sailboat or dinosaur. I have tried to get the stain out but I think it is set in. Maybe it is a mental block. The shirt is just 3 months old in great condition. I am not tossing a 3 month shirt. Of course the stain always looks bigger and more pronounced after I notice in the restroom mirror. Now that my brain is locked in on the knowing the stain is there again it feels like I have a big neon arrow pointing at it whenever someone comes by.

Don't ask how it got there either. No idea what it might have been.

In a Summefest shocker, the BoDeans are not playing the Amphitheater? Background: Every year Summerfest relies on the BoDeans to fill in a spot at the Amphitheater when they cannot get anyone else to play. Over the last couple of years, they have signed them earlier than usual. They sell tickets so it works out well. I find it amusing because they can play in front of 20000 fans that night and then go back to playing in front of 1500 like they usually do. But I have faith in the lack of talent in the Summerfest offices. This show will be moved from the Miller Oasis to the Amphitheater when they can't get anyone.

So a lot of Cowboys fans were of the same mindset as I with the second rounding picking of a tight end. Few like it. But overall, many outlets gave the Cowboys a high C, low B grade. I thought they did solid C at best. ESPN gave them a B-. The Dallas Morning News gave them a C. And I am too lazy to find out what other outlets had to say. I didn't see anything from SI and USA Today had stupid rankings this year.

I am curious to know how you think your team did. Go ahead and state your team and the grade you would give them.


AWE said...

I just noticed that the shirt I have on today has a hole in it. I am not tossing it because my name badge covers it up.

Dallas B-

Aleta said...

Could it be wing juice? Try some club soda if you haven't already

Erik said...

I'm not even going to guess how the Packers are going to do this year. I'll just say that I'm not very hopeful for this year or the near future.