Monday, May 01, 2006

A nice blur of a weekend

Sometimes you just need a Sunday to lay around on the couch and do little except get up to move to the bathroom or the refrigerator. I think the carpet between couch and toilet is pretty worn out by now.

Parts of the weekend seem like a blur. Guess that can happen when you move from work to happy hour to late night shenanigans to waking up to shower for the NFL draft and another long session of hugging pitchers of beer.

Thus it was nice to just vegetate on a couch while it was cold and rainy outside. It was an enjoyable weekend. Can't wait to do it again. Just need to wait these 4 days out.

Nothing too exciting in terms of the Cowboys draft. Really. Not bad. Not great. Filled some needs, though I wasn't too excited about a tight end in the second round. Bad part was I think Philly did pretty good. It will be interesting to read all the draft grades that come out. Though they are meaningless, it isn't bad to get some thoughts on who your team just picked up. Of course, Dr Z should have his grades up for the draft from 3 years ago. That is one article worth reading.

Sometime this week I should have my latest piece of advice ready to go. I know you are all on the edge of your chair waiting in anticipation. All 8 of you that read this. But you will have to wait. This whole work concept is getting in the way now.

One more thing to add. Today there are going to be more rallies to support breaking the law. Illegal immigrant rallies will occur across the country again. One thing that caught my ear this morning was the boycott. Supposedly, all those supporting the illegals will not buy anything today to show the economic impact they have. Um...ok. there are a couple of problems here. If they do not buy anything today, what has stopped people from buying stuff yesterday to be prepared? So sales are down today but were up big yesterday or maybe tomorrow. That doesn't really show an impact. Further more, are they not hurting themselves? Wouldn't they most likely go to a ethnic store to purchase products? Easier to buy food and supplies by going to a Spanish run store than say the humogous SaveAllMart.

So let's hurt the hard working legal citizen who runs the restarant or corner store selling the pollo and chorizo. That makes a lot of sense.

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AWE said...

I think I will go eat Mexican for lunch just to see how many are working.