Thursday, June 22, 2006

10 Cane

Every once in a while, I sit at the bar and just observe things. I notice the overpriced box of mixed nuts that has been there since Christmas. The Red Bull display that looks pretty stupid. The huge bottle of scotch that looks way out of place.

As I look, I always check out the bottles of liquor that in stock. The dust on the Cutty Black amuses me. Man, is that stuff nasty. The high end vodka always looks out of place in a dive bar. The colored booze that is now clear because of the sunlight is nice to see too. Usually it has a dead bug in it as well. Yeah, I hang at a high class establishment.

But yesterday, the focus was on the high end bottle of rum. 10 Cane. What the hell was that doing in here? I had read about it before but never had any. Apparently, no one else had either. Kenny says the bottle had been there for a couple of months before he tried some. Some being the key word. He tried a sip of it and didn't care for it. Since that time, no one else had any of the 10 Cane.

Until last night.

Kenny talked ML into pouring me a bit. Just a bit. Before we could stop her, a full shot was in front of me (though she claims it was not full because it was not overflowing the glass). Ken then told me to smell it because it smelled like tequila. Ok, never smell a shot after someone tells you what it smells like. It plants the idea in your head. Now, I did not think it smelled like tequila. A hint maybe, but not totally.

I took a sip and let it roll over my tongue. It wasn't bad. I liked it. But I wasn't going to drink this stuff straight. Got some coke, popped what was left in and drank it down.

I couldn't help but think of that bottle this morning. I am tempted to go in one day and start drinking it. Put a serious dent in that bottle just so it doesn't look so lonely anymore. Then again, if I drink more Captain Morgan's, I could win the camping package. Decisions, decisions.

Time for a little advice as well. People, show your bartenders the respect they deserve. Don't get rude with them, especially when the place is busy. I witnessed this last night and though ML did a good job with this clown. He snapped at her a couple of times so she refused to serve him. He acted like it was his right for her to bow down, kiss his ass, and get him a shot whenever he demanded. He even ripped off the line of "I always get good service from the others but this one". Idiot. The bartender holds the key to the kingdom. Why do you want to piss them off?

Even if you are getting shitty service, don't take it out on the bartender. The best thing to do is leave. No place is that great that you can be shat upon and stay. I don't care how hot the bartender is. Bitching at them will get you no where.

But if you treat them with respect, you will get great service and your drinks in a timely manner. Plus you never know, they may conveniently forget to charge you.

One of my software systems just told me that it is going to be 98 degrees in Aiken, South Carolina today. Humidity of 90% as well. I bet some 10 Cane would taste quite good to the residents of that city today.


AWE said...

Never heard of 10 Cane.

I thought about what you said last night about sitting in the correct place at the bar. I sat right in front of the cooler with the frosted mugs. It was a very good seat.

doubleas said...

I'll be at the WPBT. Looking forward to meeting you.

Anonymous said...

I tasted 10 Cane, pretty good rum but I very like the bottle, original and different.