Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Own a piece of Drinking for Jesus memorabilia

Check this out!!!

Now available, the unofficial 2006 Drinking for Jesus commemorative shirt. Yes, you too can feel like you have watch the inbred dance a jig to a bad cover band as you drink your beer. How can you pass up on this? I have tried to keep the price reasonable. Believe me, I am not making much money on this. Just trying to spread the word. If I sell a shirt, I won't be able to get a beer. Two shirts may get me a beer during happy hour. So think about this way, buy a couple shirts and you are buying me a beer? Isn't that a great idea?

But wait there is more, as you peruse the scant offerings available, you can listen to one of the While Drinking Radio stations! Wow! Does a Wednesday morning get any better than this?
Go ahead and grab a beer and please your ears.

Looks like the weather has calmed down outside. A thunderstorm just moved on through, blowing the trees and rain sideways. Still dark and nasty looking, with some thunder here and there, but the worst is supposed to be gone now.

I was disappointed that I couldn't go to the Cinderella show last night. I have come to realize that basically I have a different taste in music that the majority of my friends. The one guy I knew from college that I could count on to catch whatever metal show came through hasn't spoken to me since he got a girlfriend. I will need to make a call and get that changed. I will probably want to catch a couple shows that will be around this summer: Poison, Twisted Sister, Tesla, Skid Row. I wonder if I can talk him into seeing In Flames as well?

Instead of rocking out, I was home, eating a grilled cheese sandwich (after having 30 slices of cheese left from camping, I had a craving), and watching Hell's Kitchen. The people they get for the show just kill me. I wish I could make a bunch of money yelling and insulting people so they can make food for me. And the contestants just do not understand the personality they are dealing with. Chef Ramsey is a perfectionist. You need to be perfect every time; do it his way, shut up, and get the job done, no excuses. Doesn't seem that hard to me.

Hey, are you still reading this? Shouldn't you be buying a shirt by now? C'mon, I have to pay for my bar bill somehow!


J. Gambino said...

Don't ever let it be said that I would let you go thirsty. Hungry maybe, but not thirsty. How am I going to make it until my shirts get here?

StB said...

You will make it like you always do. Nekkid!

Russel said...

Hells Kitchen is scary, imagine letting a guy that smashes wine bottles cooking food for you in Vegas.
At least on Top Chef they had some idea of what they were doing....

Now I need a drink.. from a bottle with its neck still intact!

AWE said...

I would be afraid to wear the shirt, lightning would probably strike me.

Erik said...


Time to break out the credit card.

Rock on with your bad self.