Monday, June 26, 2006

The beer just kept coming

I felt quite responsible when I left the bar on Friday night. Drinking for Jesus is addictive. Once you start, you don't want to stop. But stop I had to. I needed to be up early for the CPO. I was hoping that 5 hours of sleep would suffice.

It isn't every day you find yourself standing in an open field, drinking PBR, and hauling a friend's clubs over your back. Being a caddy isn't easy. You need to hone such skills as flagging down the beverage cart. Then you need to make sure they keep the PBR in stock. Yes, we drank them out of their ice cold can of Pabst. Some one had to.

There was more beer afterwards in the clubhouse. Then at BW3s. Then at Big Mommas.

I chose to take it easy on Saturday night. Instead of pressing forward with Drinking for Jesus, I decided to watch the Brewers at the bar instead. I had a slew of drink tickets to use up as well. I walked in with 5 and left with 3. Please, don't let the math confuse you. I had way more than 2 beers. The service was great on Saturday. Remember people, tip your bartenders!

Sunday was suppose to be an easy day. Get some work done at my mother's house, mow the lawn and watch a movie. Instead I find myself digging through a pile of "treasure" (more on this tomorrow) from the high school days and then at Hooters.

Many beers later, I am walking down the street to Bert's to get more beer. I need something to drink while I play poker. I hadn't been in Bert's in a while. He has put in a new stack of shelves dedicated to just micro brews. My candy store had gotten even better! I settled in for the Lakefront Brewery Cherry Lager. Damn was that not only tasty, but refreshing. Add in a Sprecher Rasberry Stout as a dessert and I was content.

I hacked my way to 4th place in the Razz event before calling it a day. In retrospect, this weekend was a good primer for Vegas. With Summerfest on the horizon, my liver will be in top shape by the time I hit the desert.


Erik said...

Always be nice to your bartenders. If you give them what they want/need, they'll give you what you want/need. Well..... most of the time, anyway.

Blonde said...

I can see how Drinking for Jesus is addictive! I am on Blowjobs for Mary Magdeline team and I am just can't get enough ;)

Rock on with your bad self...