Sunday, June 25, 2006

Drinking for Jesus, Bobby Friss style

I was busy Drinking for Jesus on Friday night as one of Florida's premier musicians came to play in Wisconsin once again. I first saw Bobby Friss 5 or so years ago at Summerfest. He and his band blew me away. A nice mix of classic rock, his own tunes, and interaction with the audience made him an instant favorite. When I saw that he made his way up not only for Summerfest, but also the Wisconsin State Fair as well as some church festivals, I knew I would have one rockin' band to see each summer.

Thus, I found myself at Queen Mary of Heaven on Friday night for an awesome performance by Bobby Friss. He came out and his band delivered another great rockin show. Played everything from Cheap Trick to ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, among others. About the only thing they didn't do was one of my favorites, Deep Purple's Highway Star. That just about deflated the entire night for me. But the show was still a great one. The reason I go see Bobby Friss to begin with.

The Milwaukee band scene is rather stagnant. Too many bands what to play the same old songs they think people want to hear. Any band can play Come on Eileen (though she does get pissed when you do that) or American Girl by Tom Petty. I like the bands that play the other rock songs you know and love that aren't being played by everyone else (though Bobby Friss did play American Girl. I went and pissed at that moment). Play some Zeppelin. Play some Deep Purple. Play some Motley Crue like the Sonic Circus does. Do something different and you will find yourself with a nice fan base. This city's music scene is begging for something different.

With Summerfest coming up, I hope to find something new that I enjoy.


Reenner said...

Hey, found your site when I googled..Drinking with Jesus tour. I remember seeing a t-shirt years ago about this. Rock on with your new t's!! I will place my order soon.

Anyway, Bobby Friss was rockin' the Busch race on Saturday. No, I am not a huge race fan nor do I have a mullet. Just friends in the biz.

StB said...

Yeah, Bobby was in town to play the races. He did shows on Friday, Saturday, and possibly Sunday. I hope you enjoyed the race and the rock show.

CheddahYetti said...

How was Mary Queen of Heaven's festival? I haven't been there for probably 10 years. I'm sure it's changed a lot since then - hell, it changed a lot in the time between when I went to school there and when I last went to the festival.

Anyway, keep up the good work.