Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Don't wake the baby!

I got some great news in the mail the other day. Yes, I am a proud father of a barrel of whisky. I received an update on how my baby is doing. Thankfully I don't have to worry to much as the good people of Maker's Mark are taking great care of it. They sent me a nice update to tell me how my kid is doing. Hope it reads well.

Just when I thought my foot was feeling a bit better last night, I got to work today and it hurt like hell. I wonder if it is the dress shoes? I will try to avoid walking whenever possible and if it is still bothering me by Thursday, I may just go see a doctor. There will be a lot of standing this weekend as the Drinking for Jesus Tour 2006 makes a stop at St. Romans on possibly both Friday and Saturday. Yes, it is time for the big one and I need to have both feet in good shape.

Furthermore, I need to have things cleared up by the end of the month. Both Summerfest and Vegas are ahead. That is a ton of walking. I cannot picture myself hobbling around either event. That would truly be hell on earth.

I don't know if Milwaukee radio has gotten better or not lately. I think it is that I have gotten used to it being the suckhole that it is. But yesterday, it took a turn for the worse at one station. No, they didn't change they format (though that may not necessarily be a bad thing). They just guaranteed themselves the title of having the worst DJs or "on air personalities" or whatever the fug they like to be called, in the history of radio. The Brew's people are really the worst you will ever hear. The morning team especially is pathetic. I only listen when the Hog goes into their 10 minute commercial breaks. The Brew's morning team is both boring and totally unfunny. Yet, I thought they were joking when this announcement was made. On Friday, they teased that they had a big concert announcement to make. The giggling chick (I don't know nor care if that is Lynch or Meyers) was saying how great it was going to be when they announced it on Monday. Yesterday, I happen to catch the dude saying how excited he was and that the show may make his head spin and explode. So, of course, I am thinking that some major act is coming to town. I spin it around in my mind and can't think of any particularly big show that may be coming to town except for the Metallica rumor at OzFest. But they don't talk about OzFest on this station.

So the announcement is made at 7:30, a time I am not listening. I check their website later to find out what the "big announcement" was. I stared at the screen thinking they were kidding. The big act was Asia? Fugging heat of the moment, don't cry Asia? You have got to be joking me. This chick was getting her panties all wet because Asia was coming to town? How pathetic!
No wonder they have the worst DJs. And by the way, they can take their "tease trivia" about the next song after the commercials and shove it. Those suck too.


AWE said...

Your kid is just like you, full of Makers on the inside.

Alan said...

I toured the Maker's Mark distillery last December and hand dipped my own bottle. Now I can't decide if I want to keep that bottle as a... er... keepsake, or drink the golden nectar inside.

Huge Junk said...

Nothing says alcoholic like purchasing an entire barrel of liquor.

Well Played, Sir.

StB said...

HJ, I prefer the term connissuer or however the French spell it.