Saturday, June 03, 2006

I'm a lumberjack now baby

I'm a lumberjack baby I'm a lumberjack now baby I'm a lumberjack baby I'm a lumberjack baby But I ain't jacked my lumber baby Since my chain saw you

Splitting wood can be a time consuming affair. Especially when it appears someone had grabbed every orphaned tree or chunk of wood in the city and stacked them up in his driveway to dry out. 5 hours later it was done though. And next weekend I will be able to enjoy the fruits of my labor as I watch the wood burn in the fire.

Next weekend is a camping trip. Much different from what I have done this weekend. Oh wait, I was drinking beer last night and I will be drinking beer next week. Ok, maybe not different.

I did make it out to RiverSplash last night. Was there for just a couple of hours. The plan was to see my friend's brother's band, Johnny3Note, play and then go for food at Hooters. Some plans you just should not break.

I got there about 30 minutes earlier than Cor did. Grabbed a beer and headed towards the stage they were playing. About two block away was another band on a different stage. Out of curiosity I walked over to check them out and see if anyone was down there. Not a pretty sight. Must be hard playing to just 15 people. Yes, I counted. So I headed back to where Johnny3Note was playing. They had more people so that counted for something I guess. Only problem was everyone was sitting on the sides leaving a big void right in front of the stage.

If you are in the Milwaukee area, I suggest you check the band out. They are good. They pretty much play the same things you will hear from other bands. Well, that might be the down side. Most people I know don't really want to hear the same things. They mix it up a bit but it would be nice if they would drop some of the songs they are doing and replace them with something new (as in stop playing Petty's American Girl. Everyone does. It gets boring. Same with Blister in the Sun by the Femmes. Such a simple song that no one does well).

A funny thing happened at RiverSplash last night too. Once Cor showed up we walked to the closest beer stand to get a cold one. Tried to order 2 Miller Lites and were told they were out. At first, I thought it was a joke. It was 6:40. Things started at 5 and this one stand ran out of beer? There was a frickin Miller trailer behind them and they are out of beer?!?!?! She told us they had to find some guy to bring them more. About 40 minutes later I am back at the same beer stand and all the workers are drinking. No wonder they ran out of beer. Bastards!

Later I would see a guy walking around pushing a baby stroller. With a big boa constrictor wrapped around his neck. I may try that next time. Walk around with a big snake hanging off of me.


Aleta said...

Thanks for your help. Sorry about your sappy shirt. We sampled a little of the fruits of your labor tonight.

Erik said...

I just walk around with a boa constrictor in my pants. Makes me a popular guy...