Friday, June 02, 2006

Booze, b-o-o-z-e, booze

I thought about running a pool for the spelling bee last night. Thought about it a couple of days ago. I know enough degenerates that we could have gotten something going. But alas, some good ideas never leave my noggin.

Yep, I sat there in a bar last night watching the spelling bee. We had no volume so we watched the "action" via closed captioning. That can be a trip in itself. Like when one announcer apparently made a comment about how a player used "foe netics" to get the word right. I wish I would have DVRd the show just to hear the announcers. From the closed captioning, it looked like they called it like a big time sporting event. One guy looked like he was totally geeking out.

My appetite for GnR is now over. It was a good listen once again. It has now been replaced by Dokken. I have seen Dokken play a number of times and I have no clue why. They are the worst band I have ever seen perform live. Really. They have some good tunes but can't get it going in front of an audience. Each time, except one, there were sound problems. Even Lynch couldn't make up for the crappy sound.

Another busy weekend lies ahead. Playing with wood tomorrow before heading out to the Brewers game. That Pitt series was horrendous! Embarrassing. They must have hit bottom and can now go on a nice tear. Sunday is more crap at my mother's house. And somewhere in there I need to mow my lawn. I don't even know if I can make it down to RiverSplash or not.

So what is everyone else doing this weekend? Beside rocking on with your bad self?


AWE said...

They are calling for 90% chance of rain here for the weekend. So I guess my butt will stay inside. If it clears up I might go to a local festival, they are supposed to have some southern rock bands there.

StB said...

Yee haw! A weekend of Lynard Skynard!

Aleta said...

I wish you guys could have heard the little clip on the totally stuck up Indian kid right before he came up and misspelled his word.I watched until the end when the two girls were duking it out. The announcers were a hoot.

Kris said...

Besides the rain. Me and a bunch of girlfriends are going to the Dusty for some country line dancing tonight. Nothing like exercise, cheap beer, and crotch watching as Cherry likes to call it.