Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Piece of Me

For some reason, Skid Row's "Piece of Me" was suddenly spinning in my brain.
One for the money
Two for the show
Round and round and round we go

Don't know where it came from but it is now gone. I popped on While Drinking Radio, the heavy version, and was greeted with some In Flames, Only for the Weak.

11:23. That is the time I am shooting for today. The second half of the week, the slide down the hill, begins at 11:23. All on the downside from there on out. Vacation is within my grasp. 10 beautiful days of music, gambling, drinking, and other sins that guarantee me a spot in Hell.

Summerfest begins tomorrow. I may be skipping the opening day. If Gambino is doing bottles at Big Mommas, I will probably be there. I need to give her her Drinking for Jesus shirt anyways. Got mine in the mail yesterday and they came out pretty damn good. Quite happy for the first run. Go get yours today! I need to pay for a round of drinks at the bar!

Anyone know where I can rent some goats? I need to get the lawn mowed but with it raining every day, it has been impossible. I figure if I can get some goats, they can take care of the grass and I can get some cheese out of it as well.

Note to the smug looking asshole in the grey Mercedes on the freeway this morning: Fuck you! Drive a little bit faster or get out of the fucking lane. Stop blocking all the cars behind you. You are not that fucking important! Assmunch!

Hmm...if I don't have to babysit my from-out-of-town-non-drinking- co-worker tonight, and I can get the lawn cut, I may have to reward myself with a bucket or two. Is there such a thing as a non-rain dance?

Go do something useful now and read Pauly's WSOP reports. Great stories about what is happening in Vegas right now. Don't worry, you won't be reading about chip counts or hand histories. More like stories at the hooker bar. C'mon, who doesn't like a good hooker bar story?


Aleta said...

Received my shirts in the mail yesterday and I also am quite happy with them. For those who haven't ordered yet...get on it. They are nice shirts and for a good cause!

J. Gambino said...

got my shirts also. the guy at work can't wait to wear his home to Columbus, OH.

Hooker bar? Now I know why you go to Vegas so much!

StB said...

I really should delete that terrible comment.

djw said...

Why bother. I'll probably come home from Bucket Night and delete it myself.

Blonde said...

When I saw the title of your post, I thought you were referencing the Ashlee Simpson song and I started to worry.

When I saw you looking for goats, well...I started to panic. Are there no kids in your hood to cut your lawn for a few bucks??

AWE said...

If you want to take your road-rage to a different level, come to Florida. The roads must be uneven because I haven't found one car yet that can stay in its lane.