Thursday, June 29, 2006

Summerfest booze advice

Summerfest opens the gates today for 11 days of music, food, and drink. There are plenty of places to enjoy each of the aforementioned items. Generally, you will find something good to eat no mater what food you want, good music to listen to whatever your taste may be, and plenty of beer and soda.

But wait, what is that? You don't like beer? Hey, it happens. I even know someone who says they are allergic to beer. Poor guy. What a cruel fate afflicted upon him

So you want something harder to drink, huh? Head on down the martini lounge and you can get your vodka jones on. Yes, the drinks are expensive at 10 bucks a pop. Or go drink some wine at the Water Street Brewery stand- though I would recommend the Honey Weiss they serve.

Still not content? Picky son-of-a-biscuit you are! Well, there is one final thing for you to do. Say it with me, FLASK. Try to bring in your own booze. You can enjoy your Jack & Cokes, Summer Hummers, or 7 & 7s that way. Of course, there is some risk involved.

You are not suppose to carry in any beverages. They do pat people down at the gates to prevent this from happening. But if you are skilled and have a stealth nature, it can be done.

Do yourself a favor and avoid the obvious. Do not put a flask or fifth in a backpack, gym bag, or purse. They will find them easily. Same with the cargo pants. This will see the bottle in the side pocket. The best place is tucked in the small of your back. If you are not carrying anything in the gates with you but your ticket, they won't stop you. They won't have the time.

Another tip is to enter when there are a lot of people trying to get onto the grounds. Opening time on the weekends or 6-8 at night when the work crowd is showing up. The two people trying to frisk everyone won't have the time to catch everyone that has the obvious bags or clothing to check. Of course, don't try to push your way through or duck out and pass them. That will guarantee you get checked.

Also, wear either jeans or regular jean shorts. Anything without a ton of pockets. They tend to quickly look you over and let you in.

Finally, don't look guilty. If you look like the cat the just swallowed the canary, you will be checked.

So you got the booze in? Congratulations! Now be careful about what you do with it. If it is light out, you need to make sure you are drinking in plain sight. If you are going to mix it, be discreet. You probably will be kicked out of the Fest and we don't want that to happen. Worse yet, they could confiscate the flask and booze. Again, be discreet when pouring. We don't want any problems with all the hard work we have put in already.


All Things Dave said...

People of the World - Listen to this man!!!

I took his advice on getting a flask some time ago and it has improved the quality of my life.

Erik said...

Be very careful this year in your pouring. They added a ton of cameras to every area of the park to coordinate security.