Tuesday, June 27, 2006


There are many things one sees on the Drinking for Jesus Tour. All kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds. You have different races, ages, classes, etc. And then you have the people that just make you wonder WTF?

A good church festival will have at least one person that makes you wonder what the hell is going on in their head. Case in point from Mary Queen of Heaven on Friday. Things seemed normal until a 15 year chick bops up to the stage. She stands there right in front of the band (Bobby Friss), just begging for the attention. Cool, some chick that just needs everyone to watch her. She announces it is her birthday. The band wishes her a good day and all and the show goes on. At the end of the song, she is back. She kept going from being at the front of the stage to a group of people by the beer service. I couldn't quite see who was by the beer but I figured it was her parents.

After a couple of songs, the band invites people whose birthday is coming up to join them on stage. Before Bobby could get the words out of his mouth, the chick was up there. As the music started, she started her act. It was like she was on that So You Think You Can Dance? show. She was busting out all of her moves. Even leaned forward and shaked the boobies for the crowd. Now mind you, she said she was just 15. She kept dancing away, adding the Go Daddy twirl in too.

The band had chicks up on stage a couple of times during the night. Luckily for them, some of legal age joined them. But this chick was up there each time, shaking it, just loving the attention she was getting. At one point during the night, I turned to my friend and said she was a S.I.T.- Stripper in Training. If there was a pole on the stage, she would have been using it. I give her 3 years until she is performing at one of the local strip clubs.

Now the thing that gets me is twofold. Were her parents there? If I had a 15 year old daughter, she would not be up at some festival shaking her goods on stage. If the parents were there, how could they continue to let this go on? Sometimes I have no clue what the hell people are thinking. I just wish the band would have thrown the fish back. Give her a couple of years until she is legal. Then let her shake her thang. The way this chick was going, she will be flashing in a couple years.

I am beginning to finalize my Summerfest plans. Thankfully I am not too impressed with the acts. Getting in and out of the area is going to be a total bitch this year. With the construction on the freeways going on, there is basically one way for people driving in from the south to get there without getting totally lost and routed to the ghetto. Getting there isn't the problem either. Getting out is. It will take some people close to 2 hours to leave at the end of the night. My advice is to bring a cooler. If traffic is bad when you are walking to your car, it is tailgating time.


J. Gambino said...

I think even more than S.I.T., that girl was a cocktease and date rape waiting to happen. What about all the pervs that were watching her all thinking "barely legal" soon enough? It is quite obvious her parents don't care, otherwise, why would she be dancing around clamoring for attention? Poor girl, all she has going for her is that baby she'll be bringing into the world soon enough.

Aleta said...

FYI- If that was my 15 year old daughter she'd be dancing with my footprint across her buttocks