Monday, July 17, 2006

Cold sweat

The weekend was trying on me. Once I got back from Vegas, I couldn't tell if I was coming down with a summer cold or if some allergies were kicking in. Having never seen a doctor about the allergies, I listened to some people and took what drugs I had at home. The down side was me listening to others; I should have gone with my first instinct. If I trusted my own instincts, I would have applied my guaranteed treatment on Friday and would have been cured by Saturday. Instead I waited until Sunday night and I can tell you it is working already.

I am pretty sure I had a cold. The allergies may have added something to my misery, but it also masked what the real problem was. I figured it out myself when I was at a friend's house popping allergy pills and not getting much relief from them, whilst earlier I had taken some Tylenol Cold that did the trick. Don't worry, I still drank my fair share of beer (New Glarus Spotted Cow on Saturday, but didn't feel like partying like a mad man at the same time. Plus I was getting my ass kicked in pool by the chicks. The cost of losing was dropping my drawers. I guess we both won that way.

On Friday, we had a bona fide miracle occur while Drinking for Jesus. I was concerned about the festival beer being supplied by the St. Louis wastewater system based brewery Anheuser Busch. While drinking my warm up beer at Big Mommas, word came down that beside the Bud slop, there was also Rolling Rock on tap! My prayers had been answered! The purchase of Rolling Rock by AB may be a good thing in a twisted way. But my battle with the cold prevented me from thanking the Lord late into the night and I called it relatively early.

See, drinking and being sick don't go hand in hand. It is hard to have a boozariffic time when you feel like shit. So I figured with it being hot outside on Sunday, I could sweat the cold out of me. I don't mind warm weather as long as it is not humid. Sunday was just warm, around 95 degrees. It wasn't that hot in the house either. I do not have any AC in the place because I do not need it. I live 3 blocks from Lake Michigan and it acts like an air conditioner during the summer. Well, for all but maybe 2 days. It didn't quite cool things off greatly during the day but around 4 a nice breeze was blowing in.

The cat may argue otherwise however. He did look to be on the warm side. I probably should have taken him downstairs to the basement where it was 10 degrees cooler. Then he may not be such a cranky SOB. The hot streak will break tomorrow. But today could be a rough one with the temp above 90 and expected to be humid.

That could be a good reason to stop by Bert's and get some liquid refreshment...

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