Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Who gave them the power?

There have been two things that have really ticked me off over the past couple of days. Fireworks and weathermen. Who the hell gave these guys their power?

After laying around the house feeling miserable with my cold, I went to bed after watching Entourage hoping to get a decent night of sleep. About 30 minutes later, it sounds like a warzone outside. BOOM! POP! CRACKLE! The rinky dink festival at the lake was doing their fireworks display. Why do they need another fuckin' fireworks display? Their big show is on Saturday. They probably had one on Friday as well. Do they really need to do 3 friggin' days of fireworks?

That is a disturbing trend in Milwaukee. Every festival needs their own fireworks show. It used to be that Summerfest and Festa Italiana had them. Now everyone with 20 bucks can fire stuff off for 15 minutes. Who gave the fireworks buyer the authority to go nuts? If you are seeing fireworks all the time, doesn't that take the specialness away from them? It is time for all these festivals to cut back. We do not need fireworks going off every weekend.

I would also like to start slapping the local weathermen. Who do these guys think they are? You notice when severe weather is in the area, that it isn't enough that 1/4 of your TV screen will have a map on it, with warnings scrolling on either the top or bottom of the screen, but then those sonsabitches need to interrupt the show you are watching just so they can play with their computer toys! I don't care what is happening 60 miles north of me in Sheboygan. If the weather is that bad, they probably are hiding in the basement, not watching TV.

These weathermen think they can just interrupt our shows whenever they see fit. Wait for a commercial? Nah! That would make sense. Tell people to go to another station to get the update if you live in a certain area? Too logical. Those bastards need to break in just as something good is happening because those fuckers can. Some day, they will get theirs.

End rant.
I feel better.


AWE said...

My favorite forecast for a weatherman is when they call for 50% chance of rain. Isn't that the odds everyday? I could guess that, either it will rain or it won't = 50% chance either way.

WhisKeYGyrL said...

PMS getting to you??? Settle down with a drink and some ear plugs!!!

Aleta said...

Excellent Rant! What else you got?

I need to go over to the jackass that lives behind me and remind him that fireworks are over. He feels the need to fire off one bottle rocket per day. The problem is I find them in my yard.

J. Gambino said...

I am mostly pissed because I was waiting for a storm that never came. This all because I could not go into my house because the power was out for 5 hours!!!

Sara said...

Yeh, had fireworks going off around my house now for 2 weeks straight.. come on people!! Its over!

djw said...

fireworks are gay.