Sunday, July 23, 2006

Just when I was about to rock...

...the rain came crashing down.

Lots of it.

So much for seeing Twisted Sister.

Just as I felt it going down the drain on Friday, it came to fruition. No live music for me this weekend. Friday night was a long shot anyways. Though I would have loved to have seen Sammy play (and thanks for forwarding the email for the free tix Reener. Wish I could have used it. Maybe next time), and could have blown a nut watching Anthrax, I had plans to have dinner with friends. And there was no shot in hell that any of them would see Anthrax.

So my hopes rested on Twisted Sister. Though one friend crapped out on me, I did find some others that were interested. That was until Mother Nature decided to dump 10 inches of rain on us in 20 minutes. Ok, it was 10 inches but it was coming down hard for a good 20 minutes. Enough action to knock power out at the bar for 15 minutes. Good thing I knew the restrooms like the back of my hand and could pee in the dark. Good thing those emergency light in the restrooms worked- NOT. Funnier how the owner didn't give a shit either.

So I blame Mother Nature for depriving me of music and forcing me to sit at a bar all night shaking dice and drinking shots. 7-14-21 was the game. I don't recall buying many but did my own fair share of shots. Cement mixers, Tanqueray (ah, warm gin!), Southern Comfort, Jager Bombs. Tasty stuff.

Yep, thanks Mother Nature.

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