Friday, July 21, 2006

Music blues

Yeah, I got the blues. There are two good shows going on in the Brew City tonight. Looks like I will not be at either of them.

I realized earlier in the summer that my musical tastes differ from my friends more than ever before. I listed mostly to the 80s rock, the "hair" bands if you care to use that term. I also like some of the heavier stuff out there. Anthrax, Metallica, Helloween, and lately In Flames. Problem is, no one I hang with listens to that type of music.

Anthrax is in town tonight, playing at the Rave. They will be playing the entire Among the Living album. It promises to be a good show. Alas, I won't be there. I guess I could always head up there by myself. Have done that before but the neighborhood isn't the place I want to be by myself late at night. I will be eating with friends earlier and could still hit the show by 10 with plenty of time to catch Anthrax but it could be sketchy without rock star parking.


Sammy Hagar is playing at the lakefront as well. That party starts at 4. It looks to be a good time as well as you can get hooched up on margaritas and bikini babes for hours before the music starts. Yeah, won't be there either.

There is a silver lining though. I have a friend who may be interested in seeing Twisted Sister tomorrow at the Waukesha County Fair. Hopefully I can catch that show. Otherwise this metal head may be in the waning moments of seeing live shows.

I think the biggest hillbilly festival of the year may be going on in South Milwaukee. Last year it was the biggest gathering of inbred trailer park dwellers I had ever seen. Curiosity alone may get me down there.

There were more fireworks last night at Festa Italiana. Now, I can usually grant them an exception with my beef on firework displays as they historically have one of the best- if not the best- show of the year. However, we do not need fireworks every night! One big show is fine. 3 piddly displays are not.

On the health front, I treated my sinus infection/tumor with some medication yesterday. Leinie's Sunset Wheat and Hooters 911 wings. I felt a lot better this morning. I figure if I get "medicated" again tonight, I will be cured by tomorrow.

Go have fun this weekend. Rock on with your bad selves until the sun comes up!


Erik said...

One of my friends reccommends a Mexican Torpedo to get those sinuses open. Mix equal parts tequila and ginger brandy, then top with 151 rum and a few drops of tabasco. I've had them before when I had a cold. They really aren't my cup of tea flavor-wise. However, they are guaranteed to work when nothing else does, trust me.

AWE said...

I may be attending a local hillbilly festival this weekend. I may have to wear a wife-beater if I go.

djw said...

i will jump thru hoops to see twisted sister--only because Ml mentioned it. along with POISON