Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Lord Football is coming back

Yeah, I have borrowed the term Lord Football from Czabe. Had to. It fits so well. Football season is just around the corner. Training camps are opening this weekend for most teams. The buzz is slowly building. The best time of the year is coming up.

I find my clicking over to the Dallas Morning News and Dallas Cowboys sites becoming a habit once again. I eat every tasty morsel they can give me. I can wade through the hype and get to the facts. That is one thing I know I will get from the DMN. Real opinion. They don't pussyfoot around anything like the Milwaukee Journal does with the Packers.

The excitement will build throughout August. Friends will get together to watch some preseason ball. Beers will be drunk as if we have our own training camp going on. Then come the opening Sunday, either your hopes and dreams will be realized or smashed on the rocks.

I can't wait.

In the meantime, keep on eye on Czabe. He is doing a rundown on all the teams. Showing their odds of winning the Super Bowl and giving thoughts on how they may do. Though he is a devoted Skins fans (ugh!), he is quite objective and give a good analysis. You don't want to miss what he has to say.

I realized yesterday my poker game is officially in the toilet. After riding a nice wave, I have been sucked down by the undertow. Such a fun, yet cruel game. Just a matter of time before things get better though.

Contemplating whether to get a haircut or not tonight. I have a team meeting at the end of the day and don't know if I could get out of here and to my barber within a reasonable amount of time, especially if the meeting would go long. Maybe I should hold out another day and then drown my sorrows (I hate getting my hair cut) in big beers. That would work out well too.

I couldn't let this one go by. Anonymous was brazen enough to call me an ignorant fool but the pussy Brit didn't have the balls to leave a name. Spineless liberal. Let's see what his comments were exactly:

wow you really are a head up your own arse red neck american aren't you
how you can say nobody is supporting lebanon is beyond me when the ENTIRE WORLD
with the exception of the USA, ISRAEL and Britain are calling for a cease fire
but just because they don't do a George W Fucktard and unlawfully attack another
country you think they are supporting Israel. When the IRA were actively
attacking Britain would you have said that Ireland deserved it if Britain
started indiscriminately bombing Ireland and killing innocent civilians? you my
friend are an ignorant fool

Head up my ass. Ouch! That hurt. I like how he says the ENTIRE WORLD is calling for a cease-fire. That is European for "C'mon guys, stop it. Stop it now or I will tell! Please stop it. Guys, please? Pretty please?" The ENTIRE WORLD does not consist of France, the UN or other terrorist nations. If other Arab nations were truly unhappy with this, they would have done something beside ask for a cease-fire. Syria or Iran would have launched their own attacks. Instead they have seen other nations- Egypt, Saudi Arabia- stand down and let Hezbollah take their ass kicking. And note Israel is attacking Hezbollah, not Lebanon.

Unlawfully attack another country? Whose law? It wasn't unlawful in the states. Congress ok'd the measure. Good enough for us.

I do find the IRA/British attacks quite an interesting comment. When the IRA were actively attacking Britain would you have said that Ireland deserved it if Britain started indiscriminately bombing Ireland and killing innocent civilians? This person is comparing Israel to the IRA? The correct comparison would be the IRA to Hezbollah buddy. Hezbollah has constantly fired rockets into civilian areas. They want to kill normal citizens. The Israelis have targeted the terrorists themselves. The cowards that HIDE among civilians, the ones that use women and children as shields. Israelis have told the Lebanese to get out of the area- warned them the place will be attacked. Do the terrorists do the same for the Israelis? HA! And I am the ignorant fool?

See, you fail to understand a simple concept on fighting terrorism that was just pointed out. Terrorists don't expect you to fight back. They think they can hide among the innocent and constantly hit you. When you hit back, they run. Then the innocents among them get sick of it and fight back against the terrorists as well. Maybe the Brits should have tried that...

Do yourself a favor and stop watching the BBC. Get a real news source.


PokahDave said...

That guy is a total pussy....anonymous bastard.

AWE said...

If he wants to see redneck he needs to come to my part of the world. The people around here want to be over there fighting.

I feel myself wanting to get back to being a dedicated football fan, that's pigskin not soccer for all of you European fans.

J. Gambino said...

nice comeback to anonymous' comment. Tree hugging hippie too scared to sign his/her name.

djw said...

I swear it wasn't me this time!!!! I learned my lesson about not signing my comments.