Thursday, July 27, 2006

I found myself sitting in a bar

There I was, sitting at the bar with a bucket of beer in front of me. Sounds like the beginning of a nice dream, eh?

Really, I was sitting there, enjoying a cold beer as the temperature outside was finally movings it way down from 90. I was "cooling" my body off. Yeah, that is it. It is a health thing.

I yapped it up with DJW, Gambino, and her man Ken. The TV played Wheel of Fortune ( I swear the kid looked like Flavor Flav in an Urkel sweater), then Rock Star, then America Has Talent. Being the responsible drinker that I am, I left before a third bucket appeared before me. Plus, with all the crappy TV I had seen, I don't know if my stomach could have taken anymore.

I understand the concept behind Rock Star. I just don't understand how they think they can find a rock star out of this pathetic group of singers. None of them sing rock music. Take for example last night, where they kick someone out. They have a sing off (if it was like a dance off from Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo then it would be ok, but it isn't) with 3 performers going at it. One sings a Radiohead song. Boring! The second chick sings another unknown slow song. Boring! The dude then sings a song he admits that hardly anyone has heard before. Smart move Einstein. It was the only rock song done that night, but it got him kicked off.

I think it was the guy at Melodic Rock that pointed this out. You have a drummer from Motley Crue, a bassist from Metallica, and a guitarist from Guns n Roses. You should have a good idea of what the band will be playing- hard rock/heavy metal. Yet, none of these contestants have sung any songs by any of the aforementioned bands. Hell, I haven't heard any music within the same genre by any of the singers. What gives? Singing the Wallflowers, Radiohead, or Live will not win you this contest.

Also, the chicks on the show have to realize they are nothing more than filler at this point. The viewers at home constantly put them up for the chopping block. Of course, they can't sing worth a lick, have no bodies to admire and quite frankly could use boob jobs.

America Has Talent??? Not really. I felt dumber for watching this show. They say alcohol can kill some brain cells. This show can kill an entire lobe. Who watches this crap? The only good part was watching some chick on stilts fall. Again, I want that time back and those images burned from my memory.

Czabe takes a look at the Chargers and Cowboys this morning. I cannot argue with what he has to say on the Cowboys. I truly admire his objectivity as well. Should the 'Boys be a 13-1 shot to win it all? I don't think so. They are considered by oddsmakers to be the 6th best team in the league. I don't think you can make such a judgement in July. Now if they start winning football games...well, of course. I think Owens will be a big time playmaker again. Hopefully the sideline and locker room hijinks do not rear their ugly heads.

I just looked at some of the drivel I typed. The only part that made sense to me was cold beer. I could use one right about now.

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Elated said...

I don't understand the song selection choices either. Did the contestants even have a clue as to who the members of Supernova even are? Their history? I still watch but think it was predetermined from the get-go.

America's Got Talent: I tried watching and just can't take it. I'd rather keep *some* of my brain cells for future drinking binges. At least some of them are restored at a later date. ;-)