Tuesday, July 25, 2006

New business idea

All I need is a good, sensible lawyer. Wait, is there such a thing?

I have this great concept for a new business. Don't know if I could make money on it, or even if it is legal, but the concept is awesome.

I want to sue people who file frivolous lawsuits against either the government (city, state, federal) or companies that I rely on. As soon as their cases are thrown out of court for having no merit, I would then file a suit against that person/group and sue for the costs of the defense team and a little extra for me. I could then return the defense cost back to the company/government. Not exactly Robin Hood but maybe I could do something to prevent stupid cases from clogging our court system.

Take this one for example. Some people are suing the US government because the "federal government has failed to protect Americans from the fighting in Lebanon." Yes, read that a couple times and let it sink in. Somehow, the government is responsible for protecting people in another country that is known to have terrorist groups. The US is suppose to protect Americans in a country that STARTED the fight.

Personally, I think the government has done the right thing. They are letting the bully get his ass kicked. The terrorists picked a fight. Now they have a fight. The Lebanese government could have done something to prevent this and didn't. Now they must deal with it. Apparently most of the world is thinking the same thing as no one- even Arab allies- are jumping in to stop the assault.

But let me get back to my own cause. I see big money in people who sue tobacco companies. They affect me as a shareholder. The old lady who sued McDonalds because she dumped hot coffee on herself? Tagged! The dipshit in New York who keeps trying to sue fast food companies because his kids are fat? Tagged! People who sue beer and spirits companies because their underage kids get a hold of some and get drunk? Tagged! (I could see myself on retainer to Miller Brewing) Most of the people that are suing the City of Milwaukee for dumb things the local government does? Tagged! Oops, we are screwed there.

This could be a viable business. It may take some time but I think it could work. Any legal people see any holes?

When I was in Vegas a couple weeks ago, I ended up watching some foreign TV. I didn't realize they had a number of Asian channels on their system. One morning when I woke up, I started watching a Chinese/Korean (??) movie. Or should I say I started reading it? Anyways, I became engrossed in it. There were two things that made this movie Oscar worthy. The dialog and the acting.

The dialog was funny. Maybe it was just the translation, but a lot of what they said made little sense in English. You could still follow the story, but the script looked pretty bad.

The acting was even better. So over the top. They make William Shatner look like Laurence Olivier. Even little scene had to be acted out to the fullest. Awesome stuff people.

Thus when I read somewhere that the movie Battle Royal was worth seeing, I had to. This Japanese movie was kinda funny too. Exceptional acting and a great script. Nothing better than watching high school kids profess their love and promise to protect each other as they get killed. I highly recommend it. I even learned some Japanese in the process. I can now say Battle Royal. It is Battle Royal!!! With Hollywood potentially in with a remake, you must see the original.


Erik said...

Seems we live in a greedy, attention whoring, and irresponsible time. People today think "It's not my fault I'm (fat/stupid/etc.), it's the (government/company/etc.)'s fault. I need to sue them and go on the news to rally for my cause, so I can get a nice settlement out of them."

Where has the concept of personal responsibility gone?

PokahDave said...

Frivolous lawsuits...the bain of our existence. I agree with the your plan. Reminds me of that movie the Devils Advocate with Al Pacino as the Devil. He has one of those long drawn out classic Pacino rants in the movie....right before he goes back to Hell!

AWE said...

Maybe we could sue Aruba or one of the other Caribbean countries for not stopping the hurricanes before they hit the US.

djw said...

I once came home from the bar and Pee Wee's Big Adventure was on Telemundo. Pee Wee in Spamish--I laughed my ass off.

djw said...

Whoops!!! Of corse I meant Spanish. The other is a WHOLE different movie.

Anonymous said...

wow you really are a head up your own arse red neck american aren't you how you can say nobody is supporting lebanon is beyond me when the ENTIRE WORLD with the exception of the USA, ISRAEL and Britain are calling for a cease fire but just because they don't do a George W Fucktard and unlawfully attack another country you think they are supporting Israel. When the IRA were actively attacking Britain would you have said that Ireland deserved it if Britain started indiscriminately bombing Ireland and killing innocent civilians? you my friend are an ignorant fool

Anonymous said...

why do you have a blog ? You are uninteresting and your writing skills are lacking. Go back to watching reality TV.