Thursday, July 13, 2006


Tons of stuff to get done at work. Only 481 emails to go through. Not too bad. It should take just a couple of hours. Then I dive into other crap. I wish I had a shovel.

So of course with all the work that needs to be done, I figure I would do this instead.

I usually don't eat at buffets when in Vegas unless I am with a group of people and we cannot decide what to eat. This trip, I ate at the Luxor buffet with a group and by myself at the Bally's buffet on Tuesday night when I couldn't decide between steak or Chinese food.

At the Luxor buffet, I was chatting with Derek, GMoney and Pauly. For some reason, the classic kids series Land of the Lost came up. Having been drinking all day, I decided if anyone would ask, I would try to convince them I played Chaka in the show. My trademark line (created by GMoney) was "Chaka don't like crystal meth". Yep, that is my acting career in a nutshell.

Meanwhile, at the craptacular bounty of "food" at Ballys, I saw something that totally cracked me up. No, not the annoying redneck family with the chubby 6 year old that would not sit down (they annoyed me because I sat by the little bastard when I had breakfast that morning in the coffee shop and that tard wouldn't sit down in there either), but the wedding reception that was dining there. Yes, someone thought the buffet was the perfect place to have their reception. How cheesy.

Ok, back to work. These pants are killing me today. Way too warm with them on.

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Blonde said...

What I want to know is why people feel the need to take their disgusting spawn to Vegas?

Oh yeah, I also want to know how a bunch of you went to Vegas without inviting me? Cocksuckers.