Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Who drinks water?

Nicole Ritchie wannabe: "I am gonna look like such a slut in this!"
Paris Hilton wannabe: "Hmm...maybe I should get one too"
Nicole Ritchie wannabe: "No girl, you don't wanna look like a slut. You are too good for that."
-Actual conversation going on behind me at the Hooters Casino gift shop
between two 20-some So Cal girls.

Whether I win or lose, I always have a great time in Vegas. As I have said many times before, it is my place to escape. A city where I don't have a care in the world. I like getting away, drinking and gambling until the wee hours of the morning. Or the next afternoon.

That is tradition now. Get there early in the morning, drink until the body says no more. Get 4 hours and sleep and repeat. Does it get any better?

I could go on and bore you with more stories but I won't. So let's hit some highlights:
  • The Hooters Casino is basically what you would expect. It looks like a big Hooters restaurant inside. A bit small and shaped in a weird way, but comfortable. If you like Hooters, you will like the casino. Plus, the old style Pai Gow table was interesting.
  • For a lot of women, bras seemed optional. I liked it.
  • Watching Bobby Bracelet hit the town on Friday morning in true Vegas fashion. He hit the bar before he checked in and quickly slammed some Southern Comfort. He was soon off to the blackjack tables. I followed about 20 minutes (ok, it may have been 10, 30 an hour, like I knew, I was drunk!) later and sat down to play. Bob was having a great time. The best part though had to be him hitting a nice hand and tipping the dealer- on the table across the aisle from us! That dude still has no clue why he got toked!
  • The look I got from a Caesar's Palace valet when he looked at the Drinking for Jesus shirt was priceless. As I got out of the cab, he looked at the shirt, read it, and a smile creeped across his face. He quickly pointed it out to someone else. People loved the shirt. Don't you have your's yet?
  • I drank exactly one bottle of water while there. I had coffee during breakfast twice. Soda during dinner twice. Otherwise I was drinking Lite or some other beer, or Maker's & ginger. I didn't have time for water.
  • On Sunday, I made the move from the Excalibur to Ballys and quickly registered for the tournament (which sucked). I had just finished eating at Hooters and was quite full. As I checked in, it said the registration would feature an open bar and light appetizers (it was horsdeovers but I cannot spell that correctly and have no intention of looking it up). The appetizers was actually a freakin' buffet. There were a couple of carving stations, pasta, and desserts. WTF?
  • I did get a shirt from Ballys just for playing. It has got to be one of the most gaudiest things I have ever seen. At first glance, it looked like a nice shirt. But upon further inspection, I see the Bally's all over it. Ugh! When Blogger allows, I will have pictures of it up.
  • Doritos is a meal at 1am when you have not eaten since 10am the previous day.
  • The last day in Vegas continues to be brutal for me at the tables. Maybe I should begin to schedule to spend time at the pool or something and just not gamble on the last day.
I am sure there are going to be other things that I have forgotten right now. If they are worth mentioning I shall. For now I need to come to grip with reality. I go back to work after having the last 10 days off. Putting on pants is going to suck.

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Aleta said...

so are we going to find out who hit you? and why? Welcome home. Sorry you had to miss St. Helen's Polka fest. Somehow I feel the shirts would not have gone over real well at that one.