Monday, July 31, 2006

Stupid criminals

Yeah, the title is redundant.

I found this segment about "bait cars" on the news quite interesting last night. The story was about how the police will set up cars as bait for auto theft. The car itself is modified with cameras, recording equipment, GPS, and can be disabled remotely. Once the thief gets in the car and starts the ignition, the police are notified. Once they decided to disable the ignition, the doors automatically lock and can only be opened by the police. You get in but you will not get out. One police squad has even programmed the stereo to play the them from Cops when they disable the car.

Of course they did interview one crook from jail. He made it sound like he was set up. In this case, he stole a truck that had a big chest of tools in the bed. He kept saying "You put a nice truck with tools in that neighborhood and it is gonna get stolen. That ain't right. You can't do that to those people. They know they are gonna steal the truck." Uh, and your point is? I guess someone made him steal that truck. He had no other choice but to take what he knew wasn't his. He is now doing 35 years in prison. Dumb fuck!

Need something to do today? Go watch the videos of criminals stealing cars! Yep, has some videos. You can also Google "bait cars" and see more videos. Nothing funnier that watching some dipshit claim how easy it is to steal cars, how they won't get caught, all the bragging they do, and then see them get busted.

Hey, it is a Monday. You know you don't want to work anyways.


AWE said...

You're right. I don't want to work, but I could use a drink.

Aleta said...

I found the whole segment quite amusing myself. I especially liked the Cops theme playing. Dumb criminals!