Saturday, July 29, 2006


The way to make money in this world is to find price anomalies. Find something that just isn't priced right and take advantage of the situation. That is how the rich make money in the market. Buy low, sell high. No matter what the "smart people" are saying what you should do. Hell, I have made some mad money on buying big tobacco when everyone was scared of them being sued.

When you are a drunk like I, that is quite the advantage. For example, I hit two nice bargains. The first was a drunk bartender who thought it was easier to charge me the smaller price for the Leinie's Sunset Wheat rather than make change.

The second instance is even a bigger bargain. On my trip home from the bar, I stopped into my local liquor store to find my pre-mentioned 12 pack of Leinie's Sunset Wheat to be cheaper than a 12 pack of Miller Lite. WTF? I guess I need to haul my butt back there tomorrow before someone realizes they fucked up.

I likes myself some good beer on the cheap. It makes me rock on with my bad self to a new level.


WhisKeYGyrL said...

Which liquor store?? That is a goooood beer. yes I too have been sipping on that one!! STB we have way too much in common... Kinda scary.. =)

StB said...

Great, you are stalking me, aren't ya? I better not look outside my house late at night and see a tow truck...