Monday, August 07, 2006

Crap shots

On Friday, I stated that I would drink something that I had never had before during the weekend. I guess I kinda achieved it. It really isn't something to brag about. It was a crappy ass shot of Purple UV and Red Bull. Tasted like shit. But I didn't buy it, or order it for that matter. It was given to me.

I could should have tried harder. Guess I will have to make up for it next weekend. Could have been worse. Someone mentioned something called a Bitch Bomb. Before I say what is in it, I will give Sir AlCantHang a minute to look away if he is reading this. Don't read beyond this point if you do not want to hear about the desecration of alcohol. Ok, a Bitch Bomb is Southern Comfort, Absolut, Cherry Doctors and Red Bull. WTF? Why would you do that to Southern? That is disrespectful.

Furthermore, what kind of man drinks any shot mixed with Red Bull? Men should drink their shots of booze straight up. Any shot that has "bomb" attached to it (and I bet most people probably don't even know why they are called "bombs" as they don't do the shots as they were originally introduced) is automatically a pussy shot. It is like a Man Law. You can do maybe one if a bunch of chicks are doing them and invited you, but you can't go around drinking them all the time. You don't go around ordering Jager Bombs or any other crap mixed with any fuggin energy drink as a shot. Take your panties off and drink like a man.

Reminds me of the comment made in Entourage last night. Eric ripped on the Seth Green crowd for drinking Jagermeister. Said he gave that up in high school. Good line. Wonder if that could actually have an impact on Jager sales going forward. You never know.

Last of all, Happy Birthday to my sister. No, she don't read this. But this way I am covered. She can't say I didn't wish her a happy birthday. Oh, and Happy Anniversary to the Wig. Still hate it that you gave up on going to Brewers games. Just not the same.


Erik said...

I'm torn on this one. I fully agree that you shouldn't be mixing good booze with Red Bull. I also have an occaisional taste for pussy shots because I have a huge sweet tooth. I think I'm ok because beer and scotch are my bread and butter drinks while the pussy shots are dessert. Make of this as you will...

AWE said...

Does this count for Margaritas?

I don't understand Jager Bombs. I would rather save 2 bucks and get the shot straight up.

StB said...

Margaritas are drinks, not shots.

Shots are served in shot glasses, not tumblers.

J. Gambino said...

While I have indulged in the occasional Jager Bomb, I truly prefer the straight up shot. Jack is an old standby. And I must say, since you've turned me on to Mark, I am a changed woman.

TripJax said...

I've been stuck on straight up Absolut lately. I just ask the bartendress to shake it up something fierce cause I love the ice crystals as I drink it down.

As for SoCo, I've been digging straight shots, SoCo & Lime, and another version...Piece Of Ass. Not bad at all.

And for the record, my liver has hated me for 17 years. This torrid affair I've had with alcamahol all these years has been tough to bare for ye ole livra.

Chilly said...

Tequila Poppers and Busch. Thats how I roll.