Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sweet Apple-wood

My plans to hit the State Fair on Friday fell through. It was basically my fault as I didn't get back to a friend like I had promised I would. They went and made other plans. I was basically forced to sit in a bar and drink beer.

But that didn't prevent me from getting out last night. Went down to Cudahy dere hey (yeah, people do speak like that in Cudahy). The Sweet Apple-wood Festival was going on. If I am not mistaken, the name comes from the local meat packer, Patrick Cudahy, and their use of sweet apple-wood to smoke their mighty tasty bacon.

So you think that maybe they would have a bacon booth around? Hell no! There should be a bacon eating contest or all you can eat bacon dinner. Nope. You couldn't find any bacon around. Not even on a bacon cheeseburger. That was just plain wrong!

Also wrong was the band that was playing, Mt. Olive. They usually put on a good show. The guitarist is very good. Can play anything. Yesterday's show was good, but I have found two flaws. First, they do a nice version of the Ramone's classic "I Wanna be Sedated". They play it again and again but sing it is a couple different languages- French, Japanese, Spanish, and the very popular German. But they only sing one verse of the song, even when they do it in English. Makes me wonder if they realize there is another verse to the song.

The second flaw is with the guitarist doing the stupid English impersonation. He will throw a huge "metal" wig on his bald head and speak worse than Ozzy Osbourne. He mumbles in a thick British accent so you can barely understand what he is saying. When he is done, he rips into Van Halen's Eruption. Ok, if you were a kid growing up in the late 70s or early 80s and loved metal, you were listening to Judas Priest or Iron Maiden, not Van Halen. They would have being copying KK Downing, not Eddie Van Halen. Mt. Olive should really get that part corrected. Then again, they may not have heard of Iron Maiden.

I may try to make it to the Fair today if the rain lets up. Last chance to see Bobby Friss.


Reenner said...

Have you seen the band the Metal Men? It is a mix of several former Milwaukee rock bands. The lead singer (formerly of Problem Child) does an AWESOME Iron Maiden. Plus, both guitar players Mike (formerly of Fortress) and Dean (formerly of High Treason) are very good. Ahhh...back to the good ole days of rock n' roll and TA Verns!

StB said...

Sadly, I have not.

Nothing better than drinking at TA Verns and then heading to Dennys for a food.