Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The funk

I feel like I am in a bit of a funk this week. Nothing bad. Just nothing fantastic or exciting. Is it the dog days of summer that are making me feel this way? The fact I am not feeling terribly challenged at my job right now? Could it be that I have no beer in my fridge?

I was speaking with a friend about it and he said he was going through the same kind of thing. He had different reason, none of which were major. I sat back and thought about the worst thing in my life as of now and whether that could be the cause. So I thought about a couple of things: job being boring, TV checking out to the big signal in the sky, chick that fucked around with my head leaving the firm, trying to find a bowling alley for my brother's party, not having replaced the back screen door yet though I said I would in Spring, having no food in the house even though I was shopping last Wednesday. In the end I looked at the list- see nothing terrible- and came to the conclusion.

The absolute worst thing in my life is my TV breaking.

I think it the root there is that I have a sudden outlay of money (I did buy a new TV that will be delivered by Friday. Yeah, I went hi def, but only cuz it was just a bit more. I think I got a good deal). I can effectively plan for things I know will cost me. Trips, taxes, insurance. But when things break, I feel the need to jump into action. I have had too many sudden expenses this year. It is finally pissing me off.

Thus my funk.

Should I be complaining about the way things are for me? Not really. All those items are things I have control over. Not even close to end of the world happenings. And it isn't even a terrible funk that I am in. I just feel like I am floating through the waters of life, not accomplishing something at this time.

So why am I in a funk?

Maybe it is because of stupid "news" articles like this one. Once again, .0001 percent of Americans is suppose to be the view of the entire nation? Who are these 1047 people that were polled? What is their political affiliation? Where do they live? Do they watch the news? Do they follow what is happening in Iraq? If so, from more than one source? What sources? Do they question the media? And how do they represent my fuckin view?!?!?!?!

Some of these respondents said we should set a timetable for withdrawal. That is still the stupidest idea I have ever heard. Hey terrorists, we are going to leave the country to fend for themselves on November 1st. Just thought we would let you know. Like they wouldn't wait to cause more problems and take over after the main line of defense has left? That is like a bank announcing in full page ads in newspapers (wait, no one reads newspapers anymore) on TV and radio that the safe is broken, the alarm doesn't work, and they have no guards to protect the 10 million dollars in cash that is in the building, but hey, we think you are good people so please don't take the money.

You know what would happen.

Hey, I feel better now.


AWE said...

This is what bars are made for, to get rid of the funk. At least for a couple of hours.

J. Gambino said...
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J. Gambino said...

Thanks StB, now I am in a funk because you say no one reads newspapers anymore. Is my job in jeopardy? Hmmmm....

Me thinks I must ponder this over a bucket! Care to join?

My Word Verification is dmimlm.

It is fun to try an pronounce. C'mon, you know you wanna.

PokahDave said...

I'm on the same wavelengh...job boredom...I think it's the main reason for my 'funk'. It could also be that I'm not at the final table of the WSOP ME too....not sure about that. My 15 mo. old daughter is the thing that brightens my day when I get home from my boring job and awful traffic. Her and beer and my Thursday night NLHE league that i'm in. The wife is great too. I have a lot of time to read all the internet news/blogs/world events and that can sometimes get me down also's nothing but bleeding heart liberals and terrorist threats... could be worse...without alcohol this whole world could be unbearable!