Thursday, August 10, 2006


Yes AWE, you are correct. There is no funk that a couple of beers can't cure.

Bucketing* was in the back of my mind yesterday. See how I was in such a blah mood, a couple beverages of a malty nature would surely lift my spirits. When Gambino sent out the word- a new word- I felt I had to do my duty. And in the end, it was good.
*Bucketing- v. the ordering of buckets of beer for consumption purposes

It was especially needed after I had gotten my ass handed to me playing some poker. Sigh.

Saw some people I didn't expect to see, ate some pizza (that subliminal message on Wheel of Fortune did the job), and got a nice buzz. I even enforced the shot rule and prevented a friend from drinking some crappy Red Bull concoction. Hey, you need to look out for your buddies. Friends don't let friends do crap shots.

I also had some plans made for the weekend. Weather permitting, I may finally get down to the State Fair today. Saturday looks like a bit of Tesla and Skid Row. Yeah, Slaughter is there also but who goes in to watch them beside their 6 fans?

Funny story about Slaughter. A number of years ago I went down to Alpine Valley for the Rock Never Stops Tour. Slaughter was the first act. Me and a friend got there after they had finished. We had grabbed some beers and were walking down the path alongside the hill. There was a golf cart coming up the path with some long haired dudes. The cart got about 3/4 up the hill and died. Ends up it was a couple guys from Slaughter going to sign autographs. They were forced to walk the rest of the way. Me and my friend laughed at them and got a dirty look from one of them as we walked by them. Boy would that have been a sad to end a story with "...and then the Slaughter guy kicked our ass".

A night of beer also helps in dealing with the news of the thwarted terrorist attacks. Keep the good work boys. People need to remember there is a war on terror going on. Say a prayer for our soldiers who do their job far away from home so we can be silly here at home getting drunk.


PokahDave said...

Tesla still rocks but can't get any airplay...Slaughter was the beginning of the end for metal or 'hair metal'...I always hated those pussies.

Chas Chesterfield Esq. said...

Word on the respect to the guys who thwarted the plot in the UK.

As for buckets...I am a fan not only of the proximity issue (not having to get the broad waiting tables to pay attention, etc) but also how sure you are that the beer you receive will be cold as a motherfucker. I can't tell you how often it is you get the semi-cold bottles at bars in NY. Guess that's why I stick with pints. But where a bucket is avaliable...its a great call.

StB said...

Semi cold beer. Always a pisser! I returned a beer once because it wasn't cold.