Monday, August 21, 2006

Like a blister in the sunon my elbow

As I sit at my desk trying to summarize the weekend, I notice a slight pain coming from my elbows. I look at the right one and notice a blister. I look at the left and see where a blister used to be. Got those from the black table/shelf/counter on the patio of the .300 clubs at Miller Park yesterday. I wonder who the genius is that thought a black counter top was a great idea for an outside area that has the sun shining directly on it.

The weekend seems a bit like a blur. Maybe it was all the drinking that was involved. Saturday was quite different from Friday night. I meant up with the legendary Bobby Bracelet for some beers. He was in town visiting his pop who happens to live right by the Rawson Pub. After having some of the best pizza in Milwaukee (DeCarlos in Oak Creek. It does not get any better!), I wondered if I would suffer from the same burger belly fate the befelled (is that a word? Is now!) me the prior night. I guess the Spotted Cow went right through the 'za as the beer went down quite well. After drinking 4 or 5 of the Cows, a Becks, and 2 Hacker Schorrs, I somehow had change left over from the $20 even after leaving the bartender a nice tip. Of course, shooting the shit with the Bracelet on his Summer 06 Midwest Tour is always good. Next time he calls with binge drinking in Chicago with the Donkey Puncher, I am going.

Sunday was suppose to be a relaxing day. The only thing I needed to do was mow the lawn. That changed when the call came through that my friend had acquired the aforementioned Brewers tickets. After sitting in the sun all day drinking beer, we had the great idea of watching some pro wrestling at the local billiard hall. For the next couple of hours, we would watch the WWE and stuff our faces with Mexican food. My stomach is paying for it today.

I think that may be why I had this really strange dream. I was at work, going to a meeting. For some reason, I was working at an airport. As I am walking through, people were all excited about the free notepads and pens that the company was giving out. I walked down a concourse and turned the corner. As I did, the Human Head came out of a jewelry store, walking and clucking like a chicken. I stopped to talk with him and his lovely wife. I asked what was new and she showed me her belly, which was quite plump with child. But as she did, she changed in to Angelina Jolie and also had a boob showing.

There was another weird dream I had last night, but I cannot quite recall that one. I could earlier but not now. If I do remember, I will have to add it on. But I guess that is what I get for eating Mexican that day.

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Huge Junk said...

I too have thought about Rachel Head turning into another woman and showing me her tit. Although for me it wasn't Angelina Jolie, but rather Angelina Holie, the woman who keeps spamming my inbox with penis pill offers and potential nude photos.

The Spotted Hen and Specklers were particularly delicious this past Saturday...